Krav Maga Ground Hog Day

Krav Maga Ground Hog Day

Today I started with a new group. I explained to them how dangerous the world can sometimes be. Then I pulled out a switch blade (training model) and with a flick of the wrist it was open. The group look stunned.

I than took a rubber training knife and asked for a volunteer. One young man came up. As I was about to place the knife near his neck he instinctively flinched and moved away in fear.

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Nadav Alon of Israel threatens Jon Oli Jonsson of Iceland with knife to the neck. Simulated drills like this save lives.

I said "This is a rubber training knife and I am your instructor. You are surrounded by your friends in a nice cozy training hall in a nice town. And yet, you showed great fear. Imagine if the situation was different. Imagine yourself alone in a dark ally and some drug crazed street thug did this to you. Do you realize how important it is to learn how to deal with this?"

I taught the first technique in the knife defense category. I corrected mistakes, answered questions. I began thinking ahead to the next lesson and of course I realized we should begin next weeks' lesson with this very same technique, they must review it.

And then a thought entered my mind; how would they react. Getting a feel for this group of high school students I sort of know what will happen. Their reaction will be along the lines of; "We did this last week, show us something new. We know this one already.


I thought maybe I would just walk into class and teach this technique as if it were the first time I was teaching it to them. Instead of having the attitude of old stuff, review, I would simply act as if it were new and exciting.

This made me think of the movie, "Ground Hog Day", I think it was with Bill Murray. In the film a man, Phil, wakes up every morning, and he knows it is a new day, but no one else seems to know it. Each person he meets reacts as if he is meeting him for the first time.

At first it is very frustrating but soon Phil adjusts. He knows what to anticipate, he knows how people will react to him, and he knows what people like. Life becomes more pleasant. Knowing peoples character and behavior patterns makes it much easier to handle them and get along with them. Now he befriends almost everyone, he is able to help people. He uses his vast experience to improve himself. The constant repetition prepares him better. Sounds familiar?

So it occurred to me that it is the same with Krav Maga. Yes, the first time you learn a technique it is new, fresh, exciting. It seems almost like magic. But after that it might seem like old stuff, yesterday's leftovers. Suddenly it is not as appealing.

Really we should be like Pill in "Ground Hog Day", instead of being bored by repeating the same scenes everyday we should enjoy the learning process; every time we encounter that situation we are better prepared to deal with it effectively. Where as the first time Pill met a certain man he made all sorts of stupid remarks and mistakes, by the fifth time he knew just what to say to make the man instantly his friend. Krav Maga is the same.

We should take pleasure in getting to know the technique better. Like Ground Hog Day we should enjoy learning more about each technique each time we review or "re learn" it. Each time we train in the technique we should view it as if it were the first time we were "meeting" the technique. This is the way to mastery.

This is one of the ways I can spot a serious long term student from a fly by nighter. Recently, Tour and Train December 2011 , Tracy came from Switzerland for an intensive tour and train session. At the end of the session she informed me she would be back for the February Tour and Train . I thought, that is great but I hope she is not bored repeating some of the techniques. She clarified the matter for me without my even asking, "What I am looking for in the next trip is basically review. I want to go over everything we did and then upgrade a bit."

That is the attitude. Be as excited to review as to learn new material. Review and then upgrade as Tracy said. Take the Ground Hog Day attitude and upgrade your Krav Maga skills and you will grow into a better person. Use your vast experience to make this a safer, happier, place for us all.

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