Violence International
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

Amy 7, 2018, Rome, Italy

To be in Rome is to again feel much pain from the past; Rome. also known to us Jews as Edom, was synonymous with Evil, with death and destruction. The Roman Empire once dominated the known world, with force and arrogance. The Roman Empire destroyed the kingdom of Israel and led to our dispersion and consequent suffering.

And Now I am in Rome, I see a proud Jewish community with a long tradition. Somehow they feel comfortable here. I witnessed a wedding and as the bride and groom excited the synagogue the guest sang the traditional Biblical prophecy.  Od Yishama, yet shall be heard in the hills of Judea and the outskirts of Jerusalem, the sounds of joy

Our Jewish history is full of violence, we are no strangers to violence. 

aggressive, technique or person 

Fascinating at best.

As you know, at GMKM, one of our primary rules is that nobody gets hurt (aside from unavoidable accidents or blatant stupidity, the latter of which is usually a self-correcting situation).

By the same token we have some of the toughest people I know in our group.  People who use what we teach on a daily basis in their jobs and others who have had to use it spontaneously.  Yes, it all works!

And then there’s me….74 ½ years old and aside from wearing IKI and GMKM shirts regularly I don’t advertise and I have never, ever acted or pretended to be a “tough guy”.  However I am totally certain (as are my students) that if “push comes to shove” and there is no option, I can use what I have learned instinctively and do a great deal of damage to an aggressor (or aggressors).

As I have said for decades….I may not prevail but when it’s all over the other guy will no he’s been to the dance.

For what it may be worth:


Old adage:  “Slow is smooth….Smooth is fast”…

Techniques will speed up without you even knowing it if you practice them.  Your intensity will match or exceed that of your aggressor as a result of training, not as a result of conscious will.

We (at my insistence) teach the components of techniques first.  It appears to be a “start-stop-start-stop” technique but in my opinion one MUST have the components in one’s mind instinctively in order for them to be effective.  After some degree of practice (varies with the individual) the components begin to blend and “automatically” become one fluid or consistent process or movement.


I have often demonstrated a technique that I thought I was doing at a VERY slow speed and had students ask me to slow down so they could see and understand what I did….It wasn’t because I was too fast, it was (I think) because it was done smoothly and efficiently, even though to me it was very slow.


That said, as instructor I am sometimes challenged (often without words) and I respond in kind.  This usually (again, without words most of the time) validates the fact that you absolutely do not have to hurt someone to prove to them that you could if you wanted to.

Long time ago (because I had an instructor who liked to hurt students to prove that he could) I decided that there are two kinds of instructors:

  1. One who hurts students to prove he is as good as he tells them he is (insecurity or ego?)
  2. One who proves he is good by not hurting students but showing them subtly that he could if he chose to do so.

too soft" can only say someone, who does not really know you.
If this force, this volcano that seethes inside you, should someday erupt,
I can only pray earnestly not to have been the catalyst for it.



I have used some principles I learned in IKI Krav Maga twice in real world situations. 

The first and more serious was a combative patient overdosed on medication which makes you very agitated and hallucinate. I used my forearm as a push not a strike against the patients neck maintaining control of the patient by maintaining control of his head. This allowed me to do a pretty efficient job of allowing the other nurse on duty to restrain the patient while I was keeping him occupied. 

I was once standing beside my girlfriend (to my right) and her sister (to my left). I was talking to my girlfriend and made a comment about something and her sisters response was to lightly smack my face (don’t worry she is not an abusive person it was a joke). It didn’t take me a second of thought I hardly saw the hand coming because I was focused on my girlfriend and I’s conversation and I blocked it using the universal block. My girlfriend’s sister was shocked and laughed. 

Thank you for your wisdom. 


Jerry Holmes Moshe Katz oh they're not soft. I never did believe everything I was told. So I've tested everything against full force resistance. It all works if it's done properly. That's there mistake. I'm also glad we separated from them because if they're doing drawing techniques that makes us look bad as well.