Israel Trips

Free Trips

Israel trips are fun and exciting. There are a variety of organized group trips, they are action packed and include many exciting and educational activities.

Many groups that come to Israel ask me to teach Krav Maga to their participants. It has been a very enjoyable experience meeting and working with these groups. If you are going on a group trip and would like Krav Maga training to be included; ask for it! If participants ask for it, group leaders will often arrange it. So give it a shot.

Some of these are free trips, offered to young adults with Jewish lineage, for the purpose of introducing them to Israel. One of the groups that I work with is Sachlav , which is part of the Birthright program. I really enjoy working with this group. They bring a very diverse groups of young adults from all walks of life.

This Sachlav program is meant for people who have never been on an organized trip to Israel.

Subsidized Leadership Israel Trips

I have worked with several Leadership trips. These trips are designed for college students who are interested in being leaders on campus, advocates for Israel.

During the trip they learn about Israeli history, politics, and culture. They learn to defend Israel's position and fight the lies that are spread about us on North American college campuses. They also learn krav maga, with me.

I have worked with Hasbara Fellowships since 2003 and have trained all their groups. They have winter and summer sessions.I work with the Zionist Organization of America ZOA , the Zionist Organization of America, and Betar. Both have chapters on campuses throughout the USA. We had a great group this past winter.

My Campus Krav Maga Program combines my martial arts experience with my own college activism experience. I spent a good part of my college time fighting for Israel, in more ways than one. My program is designed specifically to meet the needs of college students and the unique challenges they face.

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Study in Israel

There are many wonderful opportunities to study in Israel. For college students, grads and undergrads, 'MASA - Israel Journey' offers amazing study programs and grants.

Contact MASA .