Tour Train November 2012

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Tour and Train Israel

Become a true Krav Maga practitioner, don't just learn Krav Maga, live Krav Maga where it was born and developed.

Walk where King David walked, see where the Judeans fought off the Romans, meet the Israelis of today, taste the authentic food and culture of Israel.

November 11 - November 22, 2012

Program Includes:

Between 6 and 9 hours daily training (less on days when we travel)

Touring sites of historic and religious significance

Living Israeli culture.


All aspects of Krav Maga

Knife Defense, Gun defense, hand to hand combat, defense in and around a car, hostage situations, airline situations and much more


10 days, $1,360, includes Anti-Terrorism Shooting course, Tour and Train T shirt, IKI Krav Maga T shirt, one box set; two full length Krav Maga training DVD's.

IKI members receive $70 discount

$150 deposit required, (paypal, check or Western Union)

Tour and Train $150 deposit (includes paypal fee)

For more information visit

or contact Moshe Katz

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Come and meet some of the locals

Israeli Krav International


Participants are free to choose wherever they want to stay.

Some choose nearby Jerusalem with its choice of many hotels and youth hostels ranging in price from $10 a night to $500. Most of our students choose to rent in Maaleh Adumim and be within walking distance of the training center.

Rooms are available, private or with a roommate, in the range of $26 - $50 per night. IKI can make these arrangements for you. Food can be purchased at low prices at the local stores.

Tour and Train Registration