American Independence Day

Yesterday we marked American Independence Day, the forth of July. Here in Israel I marked the day alone but I remembered and I reflected. I reflected on America, what it is, what it was, what it could still be. America was founded as an experiment in human freedom. America was a turning point in world history and America changed the world. The entire world owes a debt of gratitude to America. Every freedom loving man, woman and child, wherever they may be, should mark and observe this day. Even if all one does is stop and think for a moment; that too is important.

So much of the freedom that so many of us take for granted was once not even a dream. And so many people, even today, live without those basic freedoms. Sadly, some of the youth in free countries have not studied history and do not understand what America is. They do not understand what freedom means and how it must be protected and fought for. They do not understand that freedom is never free but involves great sacrifice, even sometimes the sacrifice of life itself. Sadly they mock the sheep dogs among us; the protectors, the military, law enforcement and guardians of freedom.

America has become forgetful of what real freedom means. Freedom does not mean inviting a killer for dinner and letting him meet your children. Freedom does not mean allowing everyone to do whatever they want. Freedom does not mean you no longer need to train for battle. As the Bible, the Torah teaches us "A horse at the ready for day of war, and to God is the victory." We must always be ready to protect freedom.

Study your history, read about the great founding fathers. Read about George Washington, a God fearing and Bible reading man. Read about Abraham Lincoln, revisit Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams. These were men of values, America is about values.

On this day let us pledge to understand this great "experiment in democracy" and let us work and train so that true freedom does not perish from this earth.