Each rank requires a noted improvement in the knowledge and application of martial arts techniques; kick-boxing, judo, jujitsu, grappling as well as improved fighting spirit, personal growth and maturity. As you rise in rank you should be improving as a human being, be better able to handle challenges, cope with difficulties and rise to achieve your goals in all aspects of your life. Each rank also requires a certain time period, although you may feel you know the required techniques true growth takes time.

Yellow Belt:

All basic kicks and punches, 4 judo techniques: O soto garei, O goshi, Oki goshi, Ippon Sayo nage. Basic grappling moves: Mount, Guard, side control, kesa gatame, katagatame, escapes and counter.

Fighting: 15 minutes

Orange Belt:

advanced kicking, improved ability to combine techniques,

Judo: Tao toshi, Soda tsuri komi goshi, Koshi guruma, O uchi garei, Ko uchi garei.

Fighting: 18 minutes

Green Belt:

Advanced grappling, flow from stand up to ground, Ground defense. Judo: Tomi nage, Harai goshi,

Fighting: 20 minutes Blue Belt: Judo: O soto o toshi, Marote sayo nage, hiza guruma, dashi barai, Soto makikomi, Hani goshi,

Fighting: 24 minutes

Brown Belt:

Karate/Muay Thai

Punches: Jab, cross, hook, upper-cut.

Ushiro geri - Back spinning kick

Ushiro Mawashi geri - Back spinning round kick

Double kick: Roundhouse - back spinning round kick

Double kick: Front kick (mai geri) - ushiro geri.

Defense against low kick, defense against middle kick

Knee kick from front and sides

Clinch work

Front push kick

Roundhouse kick from lead leg. Side kick from lead leg.


Release from shirt grab: Inner bend, outer bend, forward bend.

Release from wrist grab: Straight and Cross wrist grab.

Release from grab from behind.

Release from double wrist grab from behind

O-Toshi - Press on elbow

Shi O nage - Elbow lock

O mute take uri - Bent wrist

Techniques using fingers and thumbs

Jujitsu Grappling Techniques - Katame Waza

Kesa gatame - Scarf hold

Various arm and leg locks from kesa gatame

Kata gatame - Shoulder hold

Arm locks, leg locks, knee locks

Release from kesa gatame

Submissions from Mount

From Guard: “Elevator”, Triangle choke, Escapes and locks.

In Opponents Guard: Escapes and locks.

Takedowns: Single leg, double leg, from front, side and back. “Tackle”. Counter to takedowns.

Knife Defenses

Defend against two attackers: Straight thrust, diagonal, upper, lower, slash.

Gun Defense - Gun pointed to head; front ,side, back. Shime Waza - Choking Techniques - 8.

Judo Zamfokemi - Rolls, forward and backwards.

Nage Waza - Throwing techniques O soto garei - Major outer reaping

O-Goshi - Major hip throw

O - Ki goshi - Minor hip throw

Kubi nage - Neck throw

Tsuri goshi -Lifting hip

Morote sayo nage - Two arm shoulder throw

Moroto sayo nage from knees

Ippon Sayo nage - One arm shoulder throw

Ippon sayo nage from kneeling position

Dashi barai - Advanced foot weep

Hiza guruma - knee sweep

Tai O toshi - Body drop

Koshi guruma - Hip wheel

Harai goshi - Sweeping hip

Soda tsuri komi goshi - Two hand throw

Soda tsuri goshi

Soto makikomi - Outside, over arm, roll

O Soto makikomi

Tomoei nage - Circular throw over body - 3 types

Hani goshi - Hip throw

O soto O toshi - Major outer reap, sweeping both legs

Ko ouchi garei - Inside leg trip

O ouchi garei - Inside leg trip

O ouchi garei against Mawashi geri.

Fighting: 30 minutes

Black Belt