Krav Maga Systems

by Michael Fath

December 4, 2011

I have been intensely training and teaching Krav Maga for a decade. Moshe Katz' I.K.I. system is my 3rd, having started with two other international Krav organizations. Seminars and continued personal study with Moshe, other well-known Israelis and a Marine Special Forces Colonel (and very close friend) who has been training in Krav for nearly 30 years, has also greatly enhanced my abilities, both as a fighter and teacher.

The point of all of this is not what I do, but what YOU do.

Most legitimate Krav Maga systems, and there are several today, as is the commercial way of the martial arts world, are basically the same...with minor theoretical and technical differences. Such is the way of Krav, simplistic in design, and effective in use. This is our collective and main philosophical premise, which holds true with any proven system, as it is the very essence of Krav Maga.

I contacted Moshe nearly four years ago, just on a whim, as I was exploring my options for further development in this wonderful Israeli martial art. Having high-level accomplishments in several Korean arts, including the sword, taught me that there is in-fighting amongst ALL related martial arts factions, internationally and here in the States, and unless one has the time to keep looking for the proverbial “greener grass”, one may never be satisfied.

Much the same as a personal relationship, it’s truly about enhancing what you have, versus longing for what you do not.

This is not to say that we never reach an impasse...we all do; however, the reasons for change need to be clearly evident, and well thought. Transformation is often beneficial, but so is longevity, and herein lies many of our own personal dilemmas.

I.K.I. Krav Maga starts with Moshe Katz, plainly and simply. Yes, his pedigree is there, but such is the case with numerous other practitioners and, what is the big deal?

For me, it’s internal spirit, passion and real love for people that make Moshe and his system attractive...and, an intellectual capacity for philosophical and conceptual thought and improvement, which translates directly into the I.K.I. technical side; and, while I do not agree with all techniques, I do believe in Moshe, and that, my friends, is the basis of a true and meaningful relationship.

May all of you prosper and thrive within our superb Krav Maga system and brotherhood.

Michael Fath

Moshe Katz and Michael Fath, Virginia, September 2011