Israel, the Oympics, and Krav Maga

The State of Israel came into being in 1948 and already by 1952 was participating in the Olympics. Personally I have no interest in the Olympics. As my brother says, winning a gold medal proves you are the best in the world at something totally useless.

Still, to Israelis it seems to be very important and they get quite excited about it.

In Israel the mention of the word Olympics automatically brings up the massacre of our athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. So "Massacre" and "Olympics" for us our forever linked.

Our enemies chose to use the "games of peace and international brotherhood" to display their contempt for all human decency. They have placed themselves outside the League of Nations.

Being a small country with a small population relative to most countries, we have a small pool of candidates to choose from. Also, most people have to work for a living over here; we can't afford to support full time athletes.

Nonetheless, we have produced a few champions. Gal Friedman took a Gold medal in sailing, Yael Arad earned Silver in Judo, and Ariel Ze'evi won the bronze in Judo as did Oren Smadja. Michael Kolganov won a broze in something called "flat water canoeing.

In other countries committees work hard to get martial sports such as Judo and Taekwondo included in the Olympics. So what about Krav Maga? Is anyone campaigning for it to be included?

Thank God, no!

Krav Maga is not a sport. As soon as an art is included in the Olympics there must be a whole set of rules to govern it. That dilutes the art and makes it unfit for combat or the street. Krav Maga remains pure and real. Our goal is not medals, it is simply survival.