Are You Right for IKI?

Is IKI Right for You? Are You Right for IKI?

IKI is about growing, learning, and expanding. If you join IKI the expectation is that you are here to learn, i.e. learn something new. This may seem obvious, but, turns out, it is not.

I am often approached by high ranking masters from other styles, or I should say, individuals claiming high ranks in other styles, who say they want to be part of IKI. After a few e mails several things emerge; often they do not want to pay our very modest fees, they simply hope to 'exchange' ranks. I have been offered all sorts of ranks in styles I have not really trained in, in exchange for 'certification' in IKI Krav Maga. Now if you are not willing to invest a few dollars in something - that is the first sign that we have a problem here. Also, what kind of a person values a rank they did not earn?

Rule: IKI does not 'exchange' ranks. If you want a rank you will have to prove that you know what needs to be known.

There are also individuals who want to be awarded rank and recognized as IKI instructors without actually doing any training. They send me video clips of themselves doing all sorts of lovely techniques but this is not IKI Krav Maga.

Rule: I don't care if you are a tenth dan black belt, you are going to have to get on the mat and learn something new! If you are not willing, no, if you are not burning with desire to learn the best Krav Maga available – don't come to us. We are not a diploma factory; you will have to learn something new.

Learning something new. (IKI Grand Rapids, Mich)

If you are coming from Taekwondo or Shotokan Karate you will find nearly all of our techniques are new to you. If you are coming from Jujitsu you will probably have seen similar versions of some of our techniques. If you are coming from a different Krav system then perhaps half of the techniques will be familiar, but in all cases there will be new material to learn. If you are not interested in learning something new – walk on. This is not the right match for you.

However, if you are humble enough to realize that all of us are always learning, if you truly want the best for you and your students, if you are willing to challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone and sweat a bit; then you have found the right place.