Walt Lysak Jr. - Reality Fighting

If eye gouging, neck breaking, and face smashing is your cup of tea, than Walt Lysak Jr. is a great guy to learn from. His no nonsense style is geared towards brutal and effective self defense. A modern system, building upon foundations of sport and reality self defense, Lysak teaches a system not for the weak of heart. At nearly every opportunity you will be sticking your fingers into your assailant's eye socket, or twisting his neck or smashing his face into the pavement.

Walt Lysak at Karate College

This is not a sport, and is not taught as one. The whole concept of submissions does not exist. There is no tapping out, as this would not be an option on the street. There is only neutralizing the opponent, or finding a way to get out of his hold. There are no techniques that end in a hold of any sort. The encounter ends when you are safely out of harms way or he is safely put away.

I found Walt to be a wonderful guy, a friend of Israel, and a real gentleman. I have purchased several of his training videos and DVDs, and have been most satisfied.

He teaches all range fighting including improvised and non traditional use of weapons. We incorporate some of his techniques into our Krav Maga system, which is always evolving and growing.

I was recently teaching some of Walt's techniques to a group of wrestling guys. After working on the techniques for a few minutes they said they are ready for more. I said, "Are you sure you got it?", and they said, "This stuff is so simple to learn, and so practical, yeah, we got it and want more". I echo what Ken Shamrock said, for the street, there's nothing better.

So check out Sensei Walt's site. This is my personal unsolicited advice, these are lessons I can recommend without any hesitation. Like Krav Maga, this can save you from a heap of trouble.

Walt Lysak site