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On the 'Human Weapon' program they say there are 200 million people in the Middle East and 100 million guns. Scary but true. This is reality. In Israel we have many people who are armed defenders; armed and dangerous. Just a few days before writing this page an Arab tried stabbing two Israeli hitch hikers. One of them pulled out a gun and shot him dead.

In Israel we have learned that the best way to deal with a terrorist is to kill him instantly. Otherwise he will kill you. Having a gun on you, however, is not enough, you must be able and willing to use it.


Make sure you are properly trained - It is amazing how many people believe that just owning a weapon is enough. It is certainly not! You must seek excellent training, become certified, and then train some more. Don't get rusty, neither should your gun.

Keep your Gun in good shape - Learn how to clean you gun properly and do so on a regular basis. Imagine having your gun jam when you are facing an armed terrorist. Not much fun. In Krav Maga we stress readiness.

Be Ready to Act - Prepare yourself mentally to be able to shoot when you need to. Don't find yourself frozen with a gun in your hand. Bad situation. Train yourself to act when you have to.

Shoot to the Head - My Krav Maga teacher, Itay Gil, says, "Suicide bombers must be shot in the head and never the torso." We have seen too many cases where terrorists were shot in the chest and kept wreaking havoc, not only that but a shot to the chest could set off the bomb. Sadly, there was such a case in 2002. Three Israeli civilians died tragically. Also, a shot to head, although requiring better aim, maximizes your chances for instantly incapacitating the terrorist and ending the problem.

Better to be safe than sorry. This is what we have learned from our experience in Israel.

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