Funding for Krav Maga Seminars on Campus

Funding is one of the challenges a college group faces when inviting a speaker. Since my fees are modest this is usually not a problem.

We can divide funding into three categories; The hosting organization, co sponsors on campus, and co sponsors off campus.

OFF CAMPUS SPONSORS:These include national organizations that provide funding for programs they consider important, and within their range of interests.

I have been fortunate that several national organizations have been very generous and supportive of my program. Hasbara Fellowships , a division of Aish International, sponsored my very first tour back in 2005 and have provided funding for many seminars since then.

The Zionist Organization of America - ZOA has also provided funding for many of my seminars, in some cases both of these fine organizations have provided funding.

Israel on Campus Coalition has provided funding. All three of these organizations have me listed on their speakers bureau. I feel honored.

Another fine organization is StandWithUs, they are an Israel education and advocacy organization and provide support and funding for a variety of Israel programs. Contact them about their Speakers Grant , or any of their fine programs.

Contact StandWithUs.

The David Project is another wonderful organization, with creative programs for all levels. They are truly an innovative group. They have sponsered some of my seminars. to contact them David Project Grants

The Host Group

Each group on campus is entitled to an activity budget from the university itself. In order to increase that budget the group needs to show they are organizing events. If they do not organize events their budget will be dropped.

If events are poorly planned, of it funding is received but no event actually takes place, the group will lose its funding.

When I gave a seminar at Bryn Mawr I read an article about how, for those very reasons just stated, they cut back on funding for all groups.

The money is out there, if only you know how to ask for it and use it properly.


There are many organizations that may share an interest in one of your events. For example, you might bring in a Krav Maga instructor because it is part of Israeli Culture. What you may not realize is that other organizations with no direct interest in Israel, may be interested in aspects of Krav Maga.

Women's Groups can be approached from the angle of Krav Maga being an effective form of self defense for women, anti-rape, and personal safety and empowerment.

Martial Arts groups might well be interested in Krav Maga purely as an interested foreign fighting art. The Libertarians might be interested in the aspect of communal self defense.

Campus Police, Foot Patrol, ROTC, Cadets - Will be interested in the military fighting part of the program.

If you look creatively you will find that many organizations might have some interest in your activity. Find that common interest and you will have found an effective co -sponsor.