Gun Training - Handling Your Gun

Some people believe that just by owning a gun and carrying it they have already achieved safety. Not so.

You have to be properly trained not only in how to shoot the gun but in how to carry it and how to get it out the right way. Some people just stick the gun in their pants and don't use a holster; this is a mistake. Unless you are taking only a few steps before you plan to take out the gun, this method can prove disastrous. Without a holster the gun can easily fall out while you are running or even walking, even if you are wearing tight jeans or corduroy pants the gun is likely to shift and fall during movement. As gun expert John Shaw wrote, "I have also bounced my favorite Chief's Special off the floor via a pants leg. An unpleasant feeling, I assure you. Security counts."

A holster is the safest way to go.

Choosing the best holster is topic unto itself.

There are several things to take into account when carrying a handgun

Ease of drawing the weapon – If your gun is in a holster which is inside your pants, under your shirt which is under your jacket, how will get it out in a moment of truth?

Think of those shoot outs in the old western movies, the 'quick draw'. If you have to reach inside your jacket or pull up shirt you are wasting valuable time. Not only that but as you pull out your weapon it might get caught on your shirt or your undershirt.Trust me, I have sent his happen.

Your weapon must be easily accessible so that you can pull it out as quickly as possible without interference. Ideally we should carry like they do in those old westerns; in an open holster, outside our pants,

Not so fast cowboy, there is a danger…

Protect your gun – You are not the only one who wants your gun. Someone might be walking up behind you or next to you and eying your gun. Did you see the episodes of Law and Order, or, CIS where the prisoner reaches into the guards' holster and pulls out his gun? These scenes are based on real life.

You have to protect your gun, but how?

There are holsters with a button that needs to be snapped, others where you need to press something. Though not fool-proof these do make it a little more difficult for a thief to grab your gun.

Speak to an expert on holsters before purchasing one. There are so many different types. We all may have an individual preference but any good holster must serve the two functions we have just discussed; easy accessibility, i.e. you can get it out when you need it and, holding the gun securely and safely, safe from accidental dropping and from thieves.

Bottom Line – You are the greatest safety measure. You need to be alert at all times, keep your gun hand close to your gun. Carrying a weapon is a responsibility; you must take every precaution so that no one but you can take your weapon.

Like with all things in life, you must find balance; balance between easy accessibility to the weapon and necessary safety.

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