Dr. Jerry Beasley - World Martial Arts Masters

I had the good fortune of meeting legendary martial arts instructor, Dr. Jerry Beasley at Karate College in Radford, Virginia. Dr. Beasley has more black belts and awards than I could possible mention. He has been training in the martial arts since 1966 and has been teaching for more than 30 years.

He has a doctorate in education and is a professor at Radford University. I believe Radford is only place where a student can earn a college degree in karate, and Dr. Beasley is the one who teaches the program.

Dr. Beasley is director of Karate College, an annual training camp in many styles of martial arts. He is also director of World Martial Arts Masters and AIKIA – American Independent Karate Instructors Association.

At the annual Karate College seminars advanced students can train in many styles such as jujitsu, grappling, stand up fighting, and self defense. With training in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and American martial arts, with vast research into all of them, Dr. Beasley is truly a martial arts professor.

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Dr. Jerry Beasley, Karate College is the ultimate place to be exposed to a wide variety of martial arts with an all star staff of instructors. It is also a great place to net work and meet new friends, as I have.

One of the aspects I enjoy most about martial arts is we realize how we share common values and how indeed we are all allies in the struggle for freedom.