Krav Maga Excercise

Krav Maga exercise is built into our training. Physical fitness is a major component of Krav maga. Basic Krav maga training in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) includes a limited number of techniques but a high emphasis on endurance and fitness. Combat conditions dictate that a soldier must be able to fight and defend himself while fatigued; often after hours of hiking through difficult terrain or engaging the enemy in fire fights. Military Krav Maga is designed to produce a "mean lean fighting machine" and it can do the same for you.

IDF women training

Of course some aspects of military training will not appeal to the average citizen wishing to get fit.

We do not expect our students to crawl through a field covered with thorns.We do not expect our students to try to break through a line of soldiers beating them right, left and center.

Other aspects can be applied, with great results.

Drills – In Krav Maga combat training, soldiers will run for a period of time (adjust to your fitness level) and then, while fatigued, will "attack" a punching bag with an assortment of strikes. (Again, adjust to your fitness level). This produces an amazing workout)

Combinations: We form combinations using punching, elbow strikes, knee kicks and low kicks. These can be done against a punching bag or shield; we do not advocate doing it in the air. The complexity and length of the drill will depend upon the fitness and level of the participant.

Ground fighting: Anyone who has grappled or wrestled knows that nothing is quite as tiring a ground fighting. In Krav Maga we use a great deal of ground fighting, both against other ground fighters and also against standing opponents.

Variety: The combination of stand up fighting, ground fighting, running, push ups, sit ups and two person drills produces a varied workout that is always changing. This helps prevent burnout; the greatest obstacle to any fitness program.

Self defense: Unlike aerobic kickboxing classes, none of the techniques are altered to fit in with a "dance routine" or musical numbers. The fitness comes from doing hard core real self defense techniques (click on "self defense" to get to that section) just as they are done for military combat fitness. You get the real thing; this is the real deal. In combat there are no lies; you have to be fit to survive.