Krav Maga Fitness Workout

Krav Maga can help men and women attain new athletic goals, increase muscle definition, self-confidence and mind/body coordination as well as assist in stress reduction. Unlike the repetitive, steady pace, of a standard aerobic workout, or the long and slow pace of a weight lifting workout, our fitness class is more like high intensity interval training.

In Krav Maga you are constantly in motion, you are always doing something. You might be doing a set of 60 kicks; your legs get tired and need a break. Well, you don't go sit down by the water cooler, instead, you will move into a set of push-ups, working your arms, chest, triceps and abs. Next you will turn over and do a set of sit ups or crunches. You will then take a light run and then back to kicking or punching or knee kicks.

So on one hand the body part that needs a break is getting it but the body on the whole is constantly working. It is a challenging high intensity workout that stimulates the body in many ways. Fitness experts have taken note because the work out makes great demands upon the body. We use a lot of explosive drills because that is what you will need in a real life confrontation, turns out it is also a great way to work the body for maximum efficiency.

As one instructor wrote, "Krav Maga uses elements of physical fitness to tone muscles and help with coordination. You're burning calories and we incorporate standard calisthenics, but the primary reason people come to us is for self defense. Toning and losing weight is not the main goal but many women say they see results during the training."

"Unlike other self-defense and aerobic programs, there are no required steps or rules in Krav Maga. Instead, techniques are practiced in simulated, ever-changing attack situations."

Instructors push students to work as hard as they can but not to compete with one another.

Other instructors have said, "Krav Maga is very aggressive and dynamic in itself," You work up a huge sweat just doing the motions, and it's actual contact. You're punching pads and being grabbed by people. It's as real as we can make it."

"The fitness advantages of programs such as Krav Maga lie in the short, high intensity explosiveness that occurs in muscle fibers. When you are building up kinetic force, you are developing really strong neurological pathways from your brain to your muscle, which helps instincts and reflexes. Any type of really short, intense workout helps elevate metabolic rate and burn more fat,"

"Students performing Krav Maga expend 20 to 30 percent more energy than during a less intensive activity such as step aerobics."

"If you want to learn real fighting skills and get into the best shape of your life while doing it, then Krav Maga is something you should try."