Krav Maga Fitness

Is It Just Another Exercise?

Although Krav Maga was designed for battle, today it is spreading to fitness centers all over the USA. Krav Maga, the Israeli martial art, has taken the country by storm and is the training regimen of choice of many of Hollywood's top stars.

When actress Kristanna Loken had to toughen up to play the role of Terminatrix in the film Terminator 3, she trained in Krav Maga.

Charlie's Angel Lucy Liu took up Krav Maga while training for the Charlie's Angel movies. "...I prefer hand-to-hand fighting. Like Krav Maga, the one used by the Israeli military."

Jennifer Lopez in the movie Enough, Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) and Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, also trained in Krav Maga.

Students are losing weight, getting fitter than ever and learning to protect themselves. Is this just another version of Aerobic Kickboxing?

The answer is simple: No.

The aerobic kickboxing is just another form of aerobic exercise. The program is developed around the music; as such the martial arts techniques are modified to fit the tempo of the music and the aerobic nature of the class. These classes are actually teaching incorrect techniques which are useless in terms of self defense. All the various versions of aerobic kickboxing are not real martial arts or self defense classes, they are just another exercise class with a bit of a twist. Trying to use these techniques in a real fight could get you killed.

So what about Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is primarily functional self-defense, however its side benefits are a great cardiovascular workout, toned functional muscles and personal empowerment.

The class is not designed for these benefits; they are by products of a real fighting system. To survive in battle you must be able to fight while fatigued, you must be able to push yourself to your limits and beyond and that is exactly what happens in a Krav Maga class.

Simply put – the class is intense exercise.

The result? A lean mean fighting machine, weight loss, improved cardiovascular ability and the confidence to know you can fight and not give up.

Unlike aerobic classes the moves are not choreographed to music. We simply have powerful drills which push every aspect of your body; real fighting moves that demand a lot of energy. This is a full body workout. You develop strength and aerobic ability at the same time, which is exactly what you need in a real life situation.


Krav Maga was designed for soldiers who do not have a long time to learn the techniques, as such they are simple and based on natural body moves. The result: The system is easy not only for soldiers but also for anybody who wants to learn and does not have the years of desire to learn a complex system.


We have learned that in a real life situation you need explosive power, and aggressiveness. In the studio these translate into burning lots of calories fast.


Krav Maga is also fun to learn and, a great way to let off steam. You come out feeling rejuvenated and happy.


One of the best known aspects of Krav Maga is it's ability to develop that "Fight Back" attitude. Students develop confidence, self esteem, and the ability to function in stressful situations.