Krav Maga Perfect Body

The main purpose of Krav Maga training is practical self defense. A nice side effect is great conditioning. With regular training you can achieve the "Krav Maga perfect body".

We do kick-boxing fights, ground fighting, aggressive knife defense drills. We learn that to defend yourself on the street on in combat you need a quick burst of very aggressive energy. Therefore in the middle of knife training we will drop to do a set of push-ups and then turn over and do sit ups. Real life self defense requires no less. When you are doing a knife defense drill, with a partner who is resisting, you notice just how much energy you expend and quickly you get tired. That's where the training comes in; you have got to be fit.

It is hard to imagine how tiring it really is. Put on full gear, have someone attack you full force with a rubber knife, and you will find it difficult to last a minute, even if you could do an hour of step aerobics easily. This stuff is hard.

Most people who train seriously in Krav Maga end up with the "lean mean fighting machine" type of body, not the massive body builder type, that won't help very much in combat. We include a lot of Krav Maga exercise. For strength Krav Maga recommends a healthy dose of push ups, pull ups, stomach exercise, running, and sparring. You will find that, combined with a healthy diet, you will drop pounds, or kilos, very quickly and like the results.