Krav Maga Reflections

Airport Thoughts

Sitting at the airport, in a crowd but alone with my thoughts, waiting for my long delayed flight, my mind is finally free to reflect on the past five weeks or so. More than five weeks in which I have been all over the USA and Canada, with still two more to go.

I have been busy but very happy. I have seen many old friends and met many new ones. We have expanded this wonderful family known as IKI Krav Maga. I have seen the light in so many people’s eyes as after so many years they finally got it. I have seen veteran martial artists, police officers and prison guards suddenly realize how simple, practical, easy and natural it can be. That look in their eyes, like, “Wow, this really works, how come no one told me about this before?”

To be able to have a positive affect on people’s lives, to make a difference, to form a bond, it has been amazing. To see everyone learning to “simply simplify” as Bruce Lee would say, to see people form a bond with Israel, I have no words.

It appears that so many people have been searching for this; practical self defense, a little bit of a spiritual approach, business with ethics, toughness with kindness. I try to combine a deadly serious approach with some lightheartedness and humor, a little bit of sugar to help the Krav medicine go down. Apparently it has been working.

I have met great people, men and women who have served their country; Special Forces, Marines, Rangers. I have met men who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Somalia. It has been an honor for me to shake their hands.

There has been lots of travel, lots of flying, going through security, sometimes going hungry, but as they say here, “It is all good”. So as my flight finally arrived I look back at all my work here and I feel, “it is all good”.