Krav Maga Travel Training

Krav Maga Travel Training

We train in our studio and we try to make things as realistic as possible, but, it is still just a dojo, or a training hall. Yesterday I flew from Israel to the USA to begin my Krav Maga tour of North America. Although I did not encounter any terrorists, the most violent situation I saw was between a young woman sitting next to me and the girl sitting in front of her and a dispute over the position of the chair and accusations of kicking, but, I still used the flight as an opportunity to improve my Krav Maga mindset.

For one I kept my eyes open and followed Itay Gil’s guidelines as to what to look for on a flight. (see Airline Self Defense ). But more than that, I tried to imagine how I would deal with a real emergency and how well my training would hold up.

I believe that our training almost over prepared us. In reality the space between the aisles (at least in coach) is really very narrow. Just pushing the terrorist would cause him or her (lets be gender fair) to knock into the chairs and allow us to continue with knee and elbow strikes. The element of surprise would really give us an edge.

As I went through our gun and knife disarms in my head I felt very prepared and I felt the physical surroundings were to my clear advantage. Training in a dojo is one thing; our minds and bodies are ready and we are totally focused. Training our minds in the actual environment we are concerned with is critically important. All our motions begin in our mind, we must look at a situation a and visualize our response. Sitting on a plane there is not much else we can do, really no room for push ups or situps but we can certainly train our minds with the proper response we shall hopefully never need.

Fly safe, be aware, keep training everyone.