Krav Maga VCU Seminar

“Krav Maga Brotherhood and Understanding”

I just completed my fifth annual IKI Krav seminar at VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, Va. It was a well attended and successful event overflowing with positive energy and excitement. Initiated by KB Levin, the wonderful Hillel director at Richmond, it was sponsored by several different organizations.

Besides the Jewish and “Friends of Israel “ groups, there was The Association of Black Social Workers, the local Mixed Martial Arts Academy of Richmond, and SAVE - Sexual Assaults Victims.

With names ranging from Sarah and Rachel to Naiambi (which I initially thought was Naomi), Tanisha, and Crystal, it was truly a multi national gathering. As always the event attracted students from the Asian martial arts as well. I was teaching the Israeli version of what the Asians had developed over so many centuries. Truly the martial had brought together people of very differing cultures and diverse backgrounds.

It was also a chance to talk a little about the dangers we live with in Israel on a regular, daily, basis. Often these students only hear the biased reports from the media. They do not appreciate the constant threat we live under. This is what makes Krav Maga such a formidable art; sheer necessity.

It was a great honor, as it turns out, that this event was co sponsored and attended by Rick McCoy’s Mix Martial Arts Institute in Richmond. I recognized Rick immediately as I had taken his course years ago at Dr. Beasley’s Karate College in Radford, Virginia. He had recognized me as the guy “who kept asking him to hold the technique” so I could take a picture. (I am a relentless note taker and picture taker, I need to remember the techniques).

I think he was impressed that I remembered exactly some of the techniques he taught that day, step by step, even though several years had passed. He is expert in leg locks, one of my favorite aspects of grappling.

As is the case every year there were requests for me to start an IKI Krav club in Richmond, hopefully soon we will find someone for the job. It was a great evening.