Krav Maga Self Defense Training For Women

Women's self defense is certainly a major issue these days. With crime against women at such high levels I feel it is imperative that more women learn Krav Maga or other forms of effective self defense.

When I tour around the USA and Canada I enjoy seeing the different types of fliers groups put out to promote my Krav Maga self defense class. I have seen some with pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, "They learned krav maga, now you can too."

Jennifer Lopez trained in Krav Maga in order to do her scenes in the film "Enough". Angelina Jolie learned her techniques for the film "Tomb Raider". Actress Hillary Swank who had a martial arts role in the film "The Next Karate Kid",and played a boxer in "Million Dollar Baby" trains in Krav Maga because, she says, it is a great way to stay fit and she loves it, "You punch, you kick, you also learn how to get out of a choke hold. I love, love it. "

Countless other women have trained in krav maga for fitness, weight loss, personal safety and empowerment.

While actresses like Lopez, Jolie, Lucy Liu and others may have started their krav maga training to prepare for film roles, for most women life is not a movie.

women at UMD learn to escape from 'Bear Hug'

According to campus police statistics, 25% of women will experience a violent sexual assault before graduating from college. The real numbers are probably higher, most women are ashamed to report such attacks.

Krav Maga training for women is part of the solution. Krav Maga training serves several purposes for all practitioners, but for women in particular.

Perfect for the smaller person – Krav Maga is not based on physical strength, as such it is perfect for women who are usually smaller and have less upper body strength.

Does not depend upon the "Fight" – Unlike wrestling or boxing Krav Maga is not about a fight; it is quick and to the point. Krav Maga involves a quick burst of energy and then - get out. You do not have to "pit your weight" against an opponent who is likely to be bigger and stronger.

Stun and Run – Krav Maga depends upon a few quick strikes strategically placed to vulnerable parts of the body, and then you run. If you hit the right spots you do not require a lot of power to be effective.

Personal Empowerment – Many women see themselves as weak and helpless, as potential victims. Krav Maga is based upon the experience of the Jewish nation; a small nation who went stateless for nearly 2,000 years. Our training is designed for the little person who is fed up with being a victim and finally says, "Enough!" (As Jennifer Lopez did in her film)

Shock Value – Krav Maga is like the shock troops. You may look like a victim. Your assailant is not expecting you to defend yourself. Your counter attack will catch him off guard.

My friend Samantha was on vacation when some guy tried to grab her. She kneed him in the groin (a popular move with Krav Maga practitioners); he ran off. She was not sure how hurt he was but his ego was badly bruised and he appeared shocked by the violent and sudden response.

Builds Strength and Stamina– Regular Krav Maga workouts develop endurance and build strength. Your physical strength, Krav Maga techniques and warrior mindset will empower you. Your attitude alone may prove to be enough to ward off an attacker.

Designed for Ordinary People, like you – Krav Maga was not designed for professional ring fighters or people that have unlimited time to train. It was designed for soldiers going into combat and civilians who need to defend themselves.

Easy To Learn – It is designed to work with your instinctive natural body movements so that it can be learned quickly.

Calgary women training in krav maga gun disarms

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