why krav maga
by Moshe Katz

I teach many styles but I consider myself today, above, all, a Krav Maga instructor. Why?

I have trained in many styles over the years and have earned ranks. I began with karate; eventually training in several branches, mainly Kyokushin Karate under Saiko Shihan Shigeru Oyama. I trained in kickboxing, Thai Boxing, boxing, judo, jujitsu, ninjitsu, Brazilian jujitsu, wrestling, as well as getting a taste of Aikido, Hapikdo and all sorts of derivatives.

Your martial art of choice depends on your goal, the objective of your training. Is it sport, fitness, art, competition, or survival? In my case the survival aspect has become dominant, so while I enjoy submission wrestling and kickboxing, my emphasis is on reality training, or survival.

Why? I live in Israel and Krav Maga is based in Israel. The lessons and philosophy of the style are borne out of the Israeli/Jewish experience. My teacher is a combat veteran who has tested these techniques in the worst case scenarios. My students are colleagues have all done the same. This is our reality; war, terrorism, survival. Our style of defense is borne out of this Israeli experience, and I am at the source.

If I were to study Tai Chi Chuan kung fu, or Shurin ryu karate, I would have to wonder; What did the founders intend with this technique? What is the source of this movement? The answer would be found in Chinese or Japanese lore and history. With Israeli Self Defense, it is right here, right now. I am where it is happening and I understand its development. As Dr. Jerry Beasley, director of World Martial Arts Master said to me, "All legitimate Krav Maga should be able to easily trace their roots directly to Israel. Without the direct linage to Israel it's not authentic Krav Maga. Only Israel can provide Krav Maga. Only by working closely with an Israeli teacher who has served in the Israeli military, can one learn the true philosophy and skills of Krav Maga."

Krav Maga is here and now. So while I will always continue with Karate and Kung fu and jujitsu; my main effort will be to incorporate the best aspects of each style to strengthen Krav Maga. You will find all those diverse styles in our approach, forged together by the experience of real combat.

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