Kravists Vs. Hippies

Hippies Vs. Kravist

As I was driving home today I heard an old song on the radio, one I had not heard in many years, something from way back in the Hippies era of the 1960's…"If you are going to San Fran –sisco, make sure to wear some flowers in your hair."

The first thing that popped into my head was "Hair, what hair?, me and most of my fellow Krav Maga people have either lost a substantial amount of our hair, or simply go with very short military style hair cuts. Many go for the total shaved looked. So there really is no place to put any "flowers in our hair", just in case we were going to San-Fran-Sisco.

I thought some more. The message of the song was that a new generation, that of the 1960's, was bringing about an important change in the world, as the song continues, "A whole generation, with a new explanation". This was naïve, somewhat arrogant, a bit foolish, and as it turns out, wrong.

Looking at the results years later it appears that little has changed in the world as a result of this Hippie movement. Yes, perhaps more people eat organic food, and there is more granola on the market, but I am not sure if that is a direct result of the Hippies. Most of the old hippies are either dead; drug overdoses, drunkenness, poverty, or have become CEO's, lawyers, and businessmen.

On the other hand there is another group that in my opinion is making a difference, effecting a positive change in the world. They are not the long haired types with beads or flowers in their hair, they are the exact opposite. They are the militarist looking, Marine type. I am referring to the type of person that was portrayed as the "Machine", the Military establishment, the robotic zombies or what have you. The short haired martial type was seen as the thoughtless, heartless clog in the machine, the order taking foot soldier and part of the problem.

Looking at many of the people I associate with, I see hard core military types. I see people who carry guns and knives and know how to use them. I see guys in the police, SWAT teams, military, Special Forces, Search and Rescue, Guardian Angels, State Troopers, Sheriff Dept, corrections officers, and professional martial artists. I also see the kindest, most gentle people I have ever met. I see good people that are making a difference in their communities, and serving an entire nation, an entire world.

When I was in Germany, training martial artists and military, I found good people, I found people that could transcend a horrible past and help create a better present. What I saw was "A new generation, with a new explanation"; a rejection of their own tragic history and an embracing of brotherhood, peace and camaraderie.

These people, hard working disciplined people, not party going druggies, are bringing about a better world.

I recall my years at Dr. Jerry Beasley's Karate College, being surrounded by top ranked martial artists and world renowned instructors including many who had served in the military. Never have I felt such strength and confidence coupled with kindness and softness. It is the discipline, the hard work and the commitment that produce such gentle warriors. These are the people that are making our world a better place; the watch dogs, the sheep dogs of our society, the noble warriors.