Seminar Safety

Seminar Safety must be our first priority.

My Requirements for Krav Maga Seminar

Room large enough to accommodate all participants comfortably. I do not want people accidentally banging into each other.

Proper ventilation

Proper lighting

No sharp objects anywhere in the room.

No chairs or tables of any sort as students could potentially fall or trip on them

No food to be served during or before event. The only drinks allowed are water or energy drinks. I do not want anyone to have an upset stomach, or greasy hands.

No sparring or fighting unless proper arrangements have made for this sort of activity. (This would only be for experienced students, and full protective gear would be required.

Floor should be either carpeted, covered with mats or a wooden floor. Tiled floors can be dangerous.

Only the guest instructor, in this case me, will demonstrate techniques, not participants who may or may not have martial arts experience.

INSURANCEI am personally insured. Insurance for the participants is not my responsibility. Most schools and colleges already have insurance for events, check your policy. We have never had any injuries with any of the thousands of students I have taught. This is a low risk activity. Nonetheless, every organization should have coverage.

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