Sifu Chun Kwok Chow - Integrated Wing Chun Kung Fu
By Moshe Katz

My interest in Wing Chun Kung Fu began by reading Black Belt magazine. I understood that the style contained some unique concepts. So much so that when I first saw a Wing Chun practitioner, Sifu Maurice Llewellyn, I identified his style immediately. Finally my chance came to train. I was visiting China Town in New York City and I walked into a martial arts store. I saw a flyer for authentic Wing Chun training. I took the flyer and found the school of Sifu Chun Kwok Chow, a master from China.

Sifu Chow was born in Hong Kong and came to the USA in the early 1970's. He trained in Hong Kong under Sifu Ng Wah Sum, a direct disciple of the Wing Chun system dating back to Ng Mui over three hundred years ago.

I watched a lesson and I was very impressed. I found Sifu Chow very warm and welcoming, as were his students. I signed up for lessons and trained as much as I could. I managed to learn the first form, siu lim tao, as well as many important training concepts. I found the training immensely valuable and I incorporate much of it in our training.

I had the opportunity to train with Sifu Chow in this unique system over several visits to the USA. Concepts such as the center line, economy of motion, the Four Gates and the Immovable Elbow, are still part of my approach today.