Success Beyond Expectation

Success beyond Expectation

I recently renewed my website with SBI and the automated response thanking me for my payment said, "We wish you success beyond expectations." I liked this line and it got me thinking; this is my goal for all of us with Krav Maga.

First, with IKI, Israeli Krav International , my goal is for each member to feel "Wow, I am getting so much more than I expected, this stuff is amazing! What a bargain." But more than that, I want to help each member, each student, each seminar participants, even each visitor to the IKI website to feel, "I can achieve my goals, not only can I achieve my goals, I can achieve goals beyond what I expected. I can make my life a 'success beyond expectations'"

This is my goal, to see each one of you believe in a better now and a better future. My dear late father loved the song, "The impossible Dream"; to dream the impossible dream. I want each one of you to dream an impossible dream and then make it come true, beyond your expectations.

Amanda at Virginia Tech, learns to push off an attacker who grabed her arm

I have already seen this happen, by using Krav Maga. One of the most thrilling parts of teaching, for me, is that moment, when a veteran martial arts instructor, with years of experience, enough diplomas to cover a wall, enough black belts to wrap up his whole body, suddenly says, "This is amazing! This is so simple, so fundamental; this gets straight to the point. Why have I not seen this before?"

That look, that expression that something which did not seem possible a minute ago is now a true reality. But it is not only with the veteran martial artists, it is with the beginners, the victims of violent crime, those who thought they were too small or weak to defend themselves.

When they try some of our Krav techniques, for the very first time, and it works! That look on their face!, that disbelief. "Wow, this actually works!", "Let me try that again", and again it works. That is success beyond expectation; that is energy to move forward.

So we take that belief, that success, that understanding that what seemed impossible is now a fact, and we take that into our training and into our daily lives.

Krav Maga is about self defense but more than that it is about making our lives better, more meaningful. So we make the impossible come true, and we succeed beyond expectation.