How To Have A Successful Krav Maga Seminar.
By Janet Longton, Navarre, Florida, Precision Martial Arts.

There are a few very important steps. First, your guest of honor, Moshe, needs to be treated and spoken of in terms that let the attendee know how important he is and how good the seminar is going to be.

Secondly, a long seminar is never good, for anyone. Keep it to one night for 3-4 hours max. Keep them wanting more, not wanting to run for the doors.

Thirdly, ADVERTISE. I am NOT necessarily saying to take out a giant ad, but several small ones are a good idea. What I am saying is, put a nice, not to wordy, flyer out with Moshe's pix on it and the relevant details. DO NOT MAKE A BOOK OUT OF IT. Keep it simple. Hand these out to all your students. Tape them to the door and talk talk talk it up to your customers.

We charge 35 if you register early and 40 if it's the week of event. Most customers cannot afford to spend 80 on a seminar and regular class fees. We want bodies and we get them. We have between 30-35 students attend. This makes for a fun, engaging, affordable seminar that everyone comes to. Our seminars last from 6-9pm with 5-6 being the meet and greet time. Everyone gets to say hello and welcome back to Moshe and everyone loves it.

Moshe is an honored guest and should be treated as such.

We are super excited to have Moshe at our training center and can't wait to get to the airport to pick him up. If you can't get there, SEND A CAR. If you run your seminar properly, you should have plenty of money for this small expense.

We enjoy Moshe's company and have traveled to Israel to train with him. Most importantly

We sell approximately 20 t-shirts and tons of certificate fees.

Now, most important; PAY HIM. Do not spend the money you make on his seminar fees on your own training center bills. He comes along way and it's worth it.

Oh, and if you have someone helping you sell his T shirts, he will make a little more money and you will all be happier.

Here's to your best seminar yet.