Survive A Shooting

Tragically, the issue of surviving a shooting is no longer just the concern of inner city residents living in gang infested neighborhoods. Today anybody going to high school or college should study this topic.

If you are confronted with a situation where someone has begun shooting, the best option is to run away, if you can. Experts advise to run away fast, but not in a straight line; you cannot outrun a bullet. It is best to run in a zig zag; weave back and forth to make it more difficult for the shooter to get you. Anyway who has gone shooting knows that it is very difficult to hit a moving target.

Your best chance is by running in the opposite direction, keeping low or hunched over while attempting to put obstacles between you and the gunman. If possible, turn a corner. Itay Gil advises, "Do not waste time thinking you found 'cover'. Assume that it does not exist in your average environment. Even the thickest of office furniture won't stop most ammunition at close range." (Itay Gil, The Citizen's Guide To Stopping Suicide Attackers)

Decide to Live!

Deciding to live is an important survival mechanism. As obvious as that may sound this is an important mental decision. If you do get shot, keep moving. Many people have survived multiple gun shots. Remember; maintain your will to live.

As difficult as this may be, prepare yourself for the shock of the sounds and sights of bullets being shot. Don't freeze. As soon as you reach cover, seek medical attention.