Testimonials for Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor

Israel Police Force/Investigative Department

To the Honorable

Sensei Moshe Katz

In my name and in the name of the Department for Forensic Identification, I wanted to thank you and your associates for the time and desire that you devoted to us and for your willingness to lecture and instruct our Forensic department on the topic of personal self defense and safety.

We were happy to meet someone who's body and soul are united, and who is happy to share his knowledge and vast expertise with his fellow man.

On a daily basis, we encounter violence and crime and we attempt to figure out their meaning. Therefore it is important for us to stop sometimes, imagine the actual violent crime, remember that we to might someday fall victim to it, and to learn how to avoid becoming an exhibit ourselves in the forensic labs.

With thanks and blessings, may there be more like you in Israel,


Department Head, instruction, Forensic Crime lab,

Israel Police Force,

National Headquarters.

Law Enforcement

Illinois Police


I attended your seminar in Illinois,

as a law enforcement, defensive tactics instructor I feel all officers should be trained in Krav Maga, what you teach, is realistic straight to the point, simple to learn, easy to remember. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Kelly Okefe,

Illinois law enforcement officer

My officers and I found the Krav Maga techniques very useful for the situations we encounter on a daily basis. (John Monnet, County Sheriff, Effingham, Illinois)

Michael Slater, FBI

It was very exciting to get an introduction to Krav Maga. Agent "K" and I took away a host of new knowledge from your class. If you ever find yourself back in country please let us know so that we can get together.

Arizona Sheriffs Dept

"In Israeli Krav International, we strive to be innovators of Krav Maga excellence. We choose to take the path which creates a safer, more effective Krav Maga. Having taught at hundreds of colleges and universities, worked with elite military and tactical law enforcement, trained soccer mom's and college coeds; Chief Instructor Moshe Katz has a far reaching perspective from which to develop techniques, based on the principles of Krav Maga for anyone. Rather than take the path of least resistance and be imitators of Krav Maga past, he seeks an evolution which is applicable to modern assaults. Whether your need for Krav Maga is: making an arrest, in a combat field maneuver or protecting one's family, or just get into shape and learn a new skill. IKI is here to assist you. IKI is filled with Krav Maga innovators NOT Krav Maga imitators. Please let us pass this gift on to you." (Tim Hillis, Arizona, law enforcement)

Martial Arts Masters

"I have 36 years of experience in the martial arts. IKI in my opinion is the most up to date Krav Maga organization in existence. it also has the safest techniques, especially for third party rescue and keeping innocent bystanders safe during disarming techniques, it is also a progressive system that continues to update techniques and find a better way. If you look at a Krav system and they are still doing techniques from ten years ago, then they probably are not doing the best possible solution for the given situation. This kind of training can best be explained through attending seminars, I would strongly suggest you attend an IKI seminar, whether as a member or non member so you can experience the difference yourself. "

(John Liptak, Grand Master, American Combat Karate)

when you've looked at your material, gone to one of your seminars and practiced the movements, one can't help but see how the core movements feed one to another to another. How a "martial artist" or someone versed in self defense techniques can not see how that benefits the Kravist in terms of simplicity and effectiveness, just leaves me dumbfounded. I think they want the flash and hype and are not disciplined enough to take your material inward and repeat the "basics" which build the foundation.

(Dave Cox, Kansas City,USA

Frogner Atletklubb, Norway

We were so lucky to get Moshe Katz to a seminar in Norway. It is almost difficult explaining how pleased we were after this seminar!

We knew from before that Moshe is a great teacher and person, but this was beyond every expectation. We learned more in two days then we could ever imagine. We want to thank you so much Moshe, and especially me (Morten) for sharing your wisdom with us. You are also a humble man with a lot of respect for other people. You are a great, great teacher and person!

If someone wondering about getting you to a seminar, we have only one thing to say: Go for it at once! You will never regret!

So we know you are also quite a musician, and want to finish with lyrics from AC/DC..... WE SALUTE YOU!

Morten Wang, and Frogner Atletklubb, Norway

I want to say thank you for another informative, professional and very interesting seminar. In my eyes this seminar was pure professional from the start to the end. You have (as always) the ability to share your thoughts behind the techniques and the gift to capture the attention of the group 100%. I look forward to the next seminar already. Bjørn Olsen

Elite Defense Academy, South Africa

In July of this year, we hosted Moshe Katz, our worldwide Chief Instructor, in South Africa for the very first time. For those who were privileged to spend the five days of intensive training under his guidance, it was not only a revelation, but an inspiring reminder that we’re all capable of so much more, and that the true spirit of Krav Maga is much deeper than simply learning how to fight. (Elite Defense Academy, South Africa)

World Black Belt Bureau

"I am very proud of you and the job that you do. It is clear that you are an excellent martial artist. You exemplify the essence of martial arts spirit with your integrity, courage, humility and strength of character. I am confident that you will continue to promote the martial arts in the most positive way."

Kang Rhee, Director, World Black Belt Bureau

"Moshe was wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend him. He is not only an expert in his field, he also has great teaching ability. He doesn't just show you what he can do, more importantly he shows you what YOU can do!! Recently I had him out to my academy for a sold out seminar, everyone liked him so much we brought him back only a month later! I am proud to be a part of his organization and grateful to be able to bring him in for seminars when his is here in the U.S. Thanks Moshe!"

Craig Grey, Ronin Martial Arts, Michigan, USA

Hello Moshe,

Thought I would share this...

I was cleaning up my home office this weekend and came across some "Israeli fight Instructor" tapes that one of my students had purchased online a few years ago, and he had given them to me for review.

While Labeled "Israeli" but not specifically Krav, the sell was reality based training from a "seasoned" Israeli special forces trainer.

I just finished reviewing one of the tapes (I couldn't really take much more.) The lack of realistic training and the emphasis on concepts and show were all over it. After being with you and practicing the movements of the IKI, The techniques being taught were way off base.

How refreshing it is to receive material from you that takes all of about 30 seconds to learn. The principles of combat taught on this tape are not only lacking, but they are dangerous to would be students who view them thinking they have a grasp on what could really work for them forbid they need it.

As Krav Instructors, impressing an audience or wowing students should not be our concern. Instead, a desire to have them get home safe utilizing what ever they have to to do it.

Feel free to share this. We are privileged and honored to receive Instruction from someone like you who is humble, efficient and practical, while constantly looking to improve what all of us are counting on.

Thanks again. We can't wait to have you back in North Carolina.

Allan Branch, Martial Arts instructor, school owner, North Carolina CPT, SCS, NASM-PES

Fitness One Training Systems

IKI Instructor-North Carolina

Moshe, it has been so energizing for me to have finally picked up a new system that I enjoy, I have been bored for the past several years, IKI has given me the boost I needed, even yesterday everyone of the martial artist I was with wanted to know all bout you and Krav Maga, this was just what I needed and I am proud to talk about you and IKI, everyone that sees and hears about the system is very impressed. Great stuff!

J. Liptak, Florida, USA

I love IKI's progress and The cutting edge that separates the IKI from other Krav Maga Organizations. We are very lucky to have you to guide us. When I see a technique that looks a little fancy,chances are it may fail at the time you need it most. I like ti take into consideration that I may be totally surprised by the attack and not in a ready to fight stance-When thinking about the unknowns and emotions that are involved fancy moves are out of the question especially if you are already cut and the attacker is like a sewing machine pumping stab after stab and slashing. Gross motor skills and the simplest of defense's will be more than likely your reaction.The IKI Krav Maga system with the constant updates make the simple things work and condition yourself for the worst case scenario.

Keeping it real and honest~ It is what it is~

Many Thanks, Gary Hodges Jr. Virginia, USA


You are awesome and your techniques work. They are effective and user friendly. Keep doing what you do, because it is enriching people’s lives. (Annie, Krav Maga South Africa)


I had such a wonderful time in class on Sunday 11/9/08. I know with 100% certainty that I will be better able to defend myself and others because of the techniques I learned yesterday. You are a fantastic instructor and I thank you.

Dear Moshe,

It was really good to at last meet you during your Springfield, IL, seminar. I was most impressed by your teaching at the seminar. You were clear and concise in your demonstrations and in your assistance to people trying the techniques, and you were never abrupt or hectoring as too many MA instructors seem to be. You were always kind and gentlemanly in your treatment of the students. Very impressive, indeed. In addition, I really liked the techniques you were teaching. They varied ever so slightly from what I've seen of Krav Maga in the past, and the variations were, in each instance, an improvement on what I had previously seen.

Congratulations! Keep up the very good work. Cheers, Dr. John P


So happy that I had the opportunity to work with you and that the students were able to share your skill sets on their campuses! I know after every event the students would call me to let me know “how awesome Moshe Katz was” on campus.

Jenn. Gutman, "The David Project", USA

Dear Moshe,

Thank you for hosting the Krav Maga session at Harvard! The event was very successful and we are appreciative of your efforts.


Treasurer, Harvard Students for Israel

I have received the evaluation from Virginia Commonwealth University and they were thrilled. Judy Novenstein, ICC - Israel on Campus Coalition

Moshe - After all the planning, I would like to extend my appreciation for the self defense knowledge you instilled in us at Lynn University. All those who attended the seminar are very grateful they did so. It was both fun and informative...a definite highlight of the school year. Once again, thank you so much for all your enthusiasm in teaching us Krav Maga!

-Ryan S. Feigenblatt,

Lynn University. October 2007

Boca Raton, FL

Students at Lynn training in knife defense

Arizona State - Jujitsu Club


I represent the ASU Ju-Jitsu club. I just wanted to thank you for the seminar last month. Everyone from our group who went enjoyed it, and they all learned something new. I personally went to a disarm class last week were they charged $75 per person and only taught one technique. Long story short, I think it is sometimes hard for college students (even martial artists) to appreciate the value of a seminar like this, but it was valuable and we appreciate you doing it. Good class, and thanks again,

ASU Ju-Jitsu club

On behalf of the students and the staff-Thank you very much (The students loved you). Lets stay in contact

Veronika Lacktman

Israeli program coordinator

Baruch College New York, NY


The events with you were a smashing success. Thanks for being so easy to work with.

Craig Hoovler,


Krav Maga has always been the most successful event of the year and having you at VCU has always been a great time.

Steven Flick

University of Virginia UVA

"Moshe Katz brilliantly explained Israel's survival mindset through Krav Maga, helping students understand what it is like to live surrounded by enemies. Students not only enjoyed the physical activity, but walked away with a better understanding of Israel's struggle for survival."

Reece Epstein, a leader of Hoos for Israel,

Georgia Tech

Great class, I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons on proper fighting mentality and individual techniques.

Brian, Georgia Tech

Hasbara Fellowships


Congrats on an amazing tour - we heard wonderful things all around! As usual, your presentations were fun, informative, engaging and attracted a lot of 'out of the box' people. We have been covering your tour extensively in our newsletters - not to mention the pictures all over Facebook :)

Thanks for all your hard work.

Natalie Menag.

teaching in Jerusalem


Hi Moshe,

I want to thank you once again for coming to Princeton. I thought the event was a huge success. All the students I have talked to said that they had a lot of fun learning Krav Maga. Thank you for the photographs.

Thank you,

David Levitt, Princeton, New Jersey, USA


the event was outstanding, a great success, Tim Ravis


I still hear great feedback from last year on how good your session was, so we really are looking forward towards having you here! (and coffee is on us!!!)

Anat Yitzhaki, Israel emissary

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Shalom Moshe,

I had the pleasure of attending a training class put on by Hillel In Edmonton Alberta and I want you to know that the techniques you taught us and the explanation for the need of these techniques really stuck with the people that attended. After you left, we all still try to practice some moves on each other and each person has tried to show their friends what we learned. Overall it was a very memorable program and everyone wants you to come back! Thanks so much.

Seth Glick


Dear Moshe Katz

Thanks so much for teaching the Israeli self-defense class at Georgetown yesterday. You have such interesting stories and I learned a lot; you are a great teacher! I'll let you know if I ever manage to visit Israel, as now I am well prepared to defend myself should anything happen

Thanks again


You've organized really great workshops for Hillel. Moshe Katz is great because he makes it funny yet also educational talking about the history & current state of things in Israel. Not sure if there's anyone else close to that - an online search & calling local martial arts gyms have left me with little hope.

Sara, Richmond, Va.

Testimonial for On-Line Training

This material is so awesome! I cant wait to share these new techniques with my crew.I have noticed so many people that have been in traditional karate for years want me to show them Krav Maga. I know the reason..It is because it works and is practical.

You are a great instructor, the short clips are straight to the point and easier to pick up on than a long drawn out one.It is a very good learning tool.

I am proud of Krav Maga and IKI.

Gary Hodges, Jr.


These are great...thanks! The way you send them are fantastic, small technique snips that can be practiced and the close ups on the hands helps with positioning... Without a long string of clips

Dr. Kelly Mehrer, N. Carolina