Verbal Diffusion; Practical Self Defense

Verbal diffusion is part of practical self defense, in fact it should be our first line of defense; if we can talk our way out of a situation - that is best.

The Asian masters said that the best fight is the one you avoided. Even better, stay out of the way in the first place, as Mr. Miyagi said in "Karate Kid", "Best defense - not be there!"

Your self defense begins as soon as you spot the person, i.e. Learn to recognize danger.

Your first response should never be physical, this is for the benefit of everyone involved. My first Judo teacher told me he had been in several fights and he had a "souvenir" from each fight; a thumb that no longer worked properly, a scare from a knife wound, etc. I got the point; fighting is not good, avoid it if you can.

Talking your way out of a situation, Verbal Diffusion, is an art, just like the physical part. For starters; don't insult the person, don't anger him. Make it clear you don't want a fight, but do so from a position of strength, don't grovel.

Tony Blair said, "Those who are willing to talk can usually be persuaded to walk." Let us remember that this ability to talk and diffuse a situation is also part of our training.

While we all have an ego and do not want to be insulted, generally it is better to rise above it and just ignore the taunts, if that is all it is. We must use wisdom. Let us not let our emotions cloud our judgment. The main goal of krav maga self defense training is survival.