Krav Maga Women, Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What about Judo and Taekwondo, I heard those are great for women, how do they compare with Krav Maga Women?

A: They are fine for sport and fitness. Neither one those arts are designed for quick, practical self defense. Both are Olympic sports with rules and points. The founder of Judo was a school teacher who was interested in the sporting and educational values of the art. He in fact deliberately eliminated dangerous techniques so as not to hurt the participants. With Krav Maga Women we Deliberately include the most deadly techniques. To become competent in Judo takes years of training. Taekwondo forbids most of the deadly techniques of martial arts, they don't even allow "hitting below the belt".

Q: How about aerobic kickboxing? I heard there are lots of real self defense moves in the program?

A: Again, that wonderful exercise routine is designed as a fun way to lose weight and get into shape. It is highly doubtful there are any real self defense benefits. If want to learn how to swim – you take swimming lessons, not running lessons, although that will increase your stamina. Likewise, if your goal is self defense, find a program that is designed for self defense, not one where self defense is a possible "side effect". With Krav Maga training our primary goal is your survival.

Q: I am a petite 5'1" woman; can I really defeat a larger male attacker?

A: Defeat? Unlikely, Defend yourself – most certainly. If you train properly you can "stun and run" or use other tactics to get away. Your goal is to get home safely, you don't have to "defeat" him.