A poem of ascent of David, 

God, my heart has not been haughty or arrogant, nor have my eyes risen too high, nor have I acted as if I am one of the great and I have mingled in matters too great for me.

David has been humbled by life, as we all are at some point or another. David recognizes that in reality there is no such as a Great Man, we are all only human, and as such we have our human failings. There is nothing worse than acting haughty and arrogant, looking down upon others, for you too may some day fall down and be among those whom you mocked only yesterday.

As Bob Dylan wrote,

"Once upon a time you dressed so fine

You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you?  People'd call, say, "Beware doll, you're bound to fall"

You thought they were all kiddin' you 

You used to laugh about   

Everybody that was hanging out 

Now you don't talk so loud 

Now you don't seem so proud   

About having to be scrounging for your next. meal."   

David is calling out to God, from his heart, and saying, although I have been chosen for a great task, to be kind of Israel, although I have seen great things, although I am admired by people far and wide, I have not let it go to my head, you and I both know that I am just a man, a man with weaknesses and failings. In my heart there are no thoughts of arrogance and false pride, my eyes have not looked down upon others, I do not think other people are lesser people than I, I am not seeking honor that is not due me.   

I am not carrying myself as if I am a great man, I am not trying to handle matters which are beyond my ability. I have my own talents but I am not one who can handle every type of challenge. I do not pretend to know it all. 

I have compared myself to a baby and imagined myself as an infant dependent upon his mother to wean him, my soul is like a child who needs his mother. 

Again we see here David's humility, a child clearly understands he needs his mother but as adults we like to pretend that we need no one. Of course this is false, each and every one of us depends upon the kindness of others, none of us can make it alone.

That is why nomadic tribes are so close and so loyal to each other; they know that in the wilderness no man can survive without the group.

David, the king, is imaging himself as a baby, dependent upon his mother for his very survival. His humility reminds us that we never really outgrow the need for our dear mother.

Let Israel yearn for God now and for ever 

Let us now and forever realize that there are life forces beyond our control. Let us recognize that man is not the final judge and master. So much is beyond our knowledge and our control.

Psalm 127

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