Burn Fat The Krav Maga Way

"I love Krav Maga, and am giving it 110%. I have lost 4 cm on my waist, lost 7 kilos, and I'm getting ripped. Krav Maga is the best thing that has ever happened to me." (Nathan, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Is there a specific Krav maga fat burning program? We will get to that soon, hang on.

Since I started this website I have read lots of advertisements about fat loss, they all seem to work for someone. What will work for you? No one knows. I read the ads carefully, they all seem to make some valid points and all are backed by solid experts. Worth a few bucks? Sure, I think so, God knows I spent a fortune acquiring martial arts knowledge and experience. Nothing works for everyone, you have to experiment.

Speaking for myself and other martial arts and fitness people, one has to go down a lot of paths, hit a lot of dead ends before you find the right path for you. Just because something worked for someone else does not mean it will work for you. I studied many styles of martial arts before I found the way that suited me best, it is the same with all endeavors. Back to fitness and fat loss,

So what do we do?

Obviously nutrition is a factor; that is a no-brainer. I won't bother going into that, all the ads have free reports and free e books that deal with that topic better than I can. Food supplements? Only if you are suffering from malnutrition. Again, the ads cover that topic in depth. So we strive for a balanced, sensible, diet, without any extremes. No need for starvation, (counter productive), no 'only protein' diet, etc.

Again, so what do we do? Our approach is based on a healthy lifestyle and intensive but short workouts.

Workouts are based on constant motion, or interval training. They are fast paced, high energy workouts. There is no 'down time'. Sometimes you hear people say they spend hours in the gym but see no results. If you were to watch them you would see that most of their time is spent resting between sets, taking breaks, drinking etc. With us you work 60 minutes out of the hour.

Workouts are designed to tone, build, sculpt, and strengthen your entire body. Unlike running or aerobics – it is not only cardio, unlike weight lifting – it is not only muscle building, unlike traditional martial arts – it is not only discipline and technique. It is all of them together. Remember, this was designed for combat soldiers; as such it must meet their needs, which is to produce a combat ready body.

We define a combat ready body as one that has the endurance to keep going, the strength to lift and carry weapons and equipment, the self confidence to survive.

The workout targets the entire body and soul. You are working your upper body and lower body. You are working your arms, your legs, your heart, your chest, and your spirit. You are pushing yourself beyond what you thought you could do.

During the Krav Maga Fitness workout you are either hitting the bag, kicking, punching, running, doing sit up, push ups, or other drills. Even if you are holding the bag for your partner to kick you are also working; you are using your leg muscles to stay in place, you are flexing your stomach muscles to absorb the blow. It is 'active resting' before you go back to 'explosive training' when it is your turn.

When I trained with Phil Nurse in Thai Boxing, the abdominal exercises were our 'break' from push ups, the running was our 'break' from kicking, and so forth. This is the concept we employ in our Krav Maga training which fits in perfectly with our aggressiveness training; short bursts of intensity followed by lesser intensity and than back.

Doctors say that this type of short, intense workout with a 'bursting' approach, helps elevate the metabolic rate and increase the body's ability to burn fat.

For those who are willing to spar- nothing beats that; sparring uses everything you've got and pushes you to your limits; both physically and it terms of your mind set. Either way half way through the work out you will feel like you need a change of T shirt.

One of the advantages of this workout is that it is nearly impossible to get bored. It is not the slow steady pace of a gym but a high energy, constantly changing pace of combat. It is unpredictable. A good partner and instructor should be able to provide added encouragement.

In terms of life style we use the old Israeli model of hard work; walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator, walk to the mail box instead of driving, when you are walking make it a work out, feel your abs and legs working. With little effort many everyday activities can help you burn fat and stay fit.

With the right life style, the right diet, and the right workout; you cant' go wrong. We have no 'secrets'.

Krav Maga Personal Training