Krav Maga Personal Training
By Moshe Katz

Watching the "Human Weapon" or "Fight Quest" is great, but imagine being in the show yourself! Imagine experiencing what they did, imagine Krav Maga personal training in Israel.

There is nothing like the experience of coming to Israel and experiencing Krav Maga first hand, in its country of origin.

Central Bus Station, Jerusalem

Recently a guest arrived from Europe for a week of intensive training. As luck would have it he landed just as a new war broke out with Hamas. This does not really affect us very much as we are used to it. Seeing things from his eyes, however, gave me a certain perspective.

Training in Jerusalem

He commented on the fact that he underwent quite a lengthy questioning upon arrival at the airport. He has traveled the world but was not used to being interrogated this way. Once he showed them my name and phone number, he was OK. I explained to him that this is standard procedure, as we are always on guard and must be careful. In Israel, security is never taken lightly.

He was surprised to see so many people in uniform, and guns everywhere! He was especially surprised to see so many young women in uniform armed with automatic weapons.

He trained five hours a day in hand to hand combat, gun, stick, and knife defense, ground fighting, hostage situations and airline self defense. With one on one training his skills improved dramatically from day to day. He also experienced Israel first hand.

He saw how each home has a sealed room against chemical warfare, and a bomb shelter. He saw and experienced the proximity between us and our Arab neighbors. He heard personal stories about life in Israel. He learned more about the conflict and our history than he could have learned from years of book study.

He walked our path with his own two feet and saw our world with his own two eyes. He began to understand the spirit of the people of Israel and the source of Krav Maga effectiveness.

If you have the opportunity there is nothing like personal, one on one, Krav Maga training here in Israel.

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