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In Krav Maga training we stress concepts over techniques, understanding over memorization, and attitude over skill. Most of what you learn in traditional martial arts training, will, sadly, fail you in a real life encounter. In our situation in Israel we cannot afford to make that mistake. There is no judge, no referee, and no second chance.

When people come to train with us from various parts of the world, we find that despite their many years of training, they are wholly unprepared for reality.

There is a huge difference between both sport martial art and traditional martial arts on one hand, and reality training on the other. To begin with is the mindset. You are fighting for your life and not for a belt or a trophy. Losing is not an option. You can not give in to pain or fatigue. Breaks do not exist.

The next part of mind-set is taking reality into account. If you train in ground fighting you must train as if you are on concrete, because it reality that is most likely where you will be; this changes the rules of the game. Many of your sports takedowns will destroy your knees or be impractical in other ways. Rolling on the mat you will not encounter nails or rocks, on the street you will.

You must also always take into account the possibility of multiple attackers. Again, this will nullify much of what you learned in sports martial arts. Multiple attackers change the equation and must change your entire approach to training.

And finally, on the street, there is always the possibility of hidden weapons. Your entire grappling game changes when you realize that the assailant may have a knife or a fire-arm hidden in his boot. Most of the options you have prepared, most of your training and knowledge, will simply go up in smoke.

Itay Gil said to me, "I love martial arts but only about 3% of it is practical in terms of self-defense. Reality training is a different story."

The first step in reality training is the realization of the rules of the game; this is not a game, there are no rules, anything can happen and you must be prepared for anything, and, your life is on the line.

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You also must take into account lighting, or lack thereof. Blind Training

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