Louie Balestrieri

I first met Louie B. at Mr. Cohen's martial arts class on Long Island. I was immediately taken with his kindness, willingness to share martial arts knowledge, and his genuine personal warmth. Over the years our shared interest in martial arts, self defense and 'self preservation' has led to a genuine friendship. For me, "Louie B" is my first Italian - American friend. Until now my only knowledge of that world came from the TV screen.

Lou Balestrieri is a retired NYPD police officer and detective, as well as martial arts instructor. Above all, he is a gentleman.

Over the years I have come to realize what Lou Balestrieri faced during his years on the force; From the toughest neighborhoods in New York to saving lives and near death situations daily, he has seen it all. He deserves our respect and thanks.

In order to gain some appreciation for what our boys in blue go through, I highly recommend you read the following letter.


Current Projects - Ultimate Warrior Training

"Today's Training for Today's World"

Louie Balestrieri is currently working on a special project which promises to add some important elements into our training.

Having much real life experience he is combining his police and detective knowledge with his martial arts training to create a realistic training program involving disarming fire arms, taking into account the effects of sound and noise.

He is researching what effects loud noises and muzzle flash have on people, taking into account their proximity to the gun. This is important in terms of our disarming techniques. The rubber gun we use in training is not the same as a real gun on the street. I feel this is an important contribution to our training.

He has joined with other experts such as shihan J. Lovering and Master R. Mangan to form the "Ultimate Warrior Training: Gun and Removal Tactics."

Stay posted for more information.

"We live in a violent and crazy world in which I don't practice self defense. I practice SELF PRESERVATION. It is not one particular technique, not one strike or block. It is a new way of life that we must practice in order to keep our families and ourselves safe. We must constantly be aware of what goes on around us. We must constantly avoid danger. We must constantly be ready to aggressively defend ourselves in order to survive."

(Louie Balestrieri)