There was a time when every accidental death in the military or police was 'covered up', no one wanted to remembered as having died in accidental shooting, from 'friendly fire' or from a road accident. Everybody was painted as a hero, having died in the line of duty, a hero's death.

Today, the truth comes out. One may have died from carelessness, or pure accident. Some people may serve an entire career in the military or police and never have a need to even pull out their gun. What about a guy who walked the beat for ten years, or a security guard who stood there checking bags for 8 hours a day but never had any 'action or excitement'?

All of them are heroes. They are all heroes to me. They might never have had their moment of glory but that does not matter, that is often a product of circumstances. They became heroes the moment they stepped forward and said, "I will willing to put myself in harms way in order to help others. I am willing to risk my own well-being for the safety of others. I am willing to leave my comfort zone, I am willing to step forward and say 'I am here, I shall serve!'"

To these people I say "I salute you!"

If you have a story of someone who served, send it in, maybe others can benefit from it.

"In today's world, filled with the unending pressures of violent crimes, conflict and terrorist threat, there are but few warriors that will place themselves in the line of fire or in harms way...police officers, military personnel, martial artists, and the mere private civilians need to bear arms and train to protect themselves, their homes, and the lives of those they love..."

Louie Balestrieri, retired NYPD Detective