Suicide Attackers
By Moshe Katz

June 26, 2012

Suicide attacks are a Middle Eastern problem which is, sadly, beginning to spread around the world. We in Israel have a great deal of experience in dealing with this tragic phenomenon. Both civilians and security forces are familiar with how to behave when you spot a suspicious looking object or when you confront a suicide attacker. It is part of our daily life.

Students in Moline, Illinois, learning Krav Maga techniques for subduing suicide bombers.

That is why countries around the world invite Israeli experts to train them in dealing with suicide attackers. My instructor, Itay Gil has developed some innovative techniques, which he has included in his book The Citizen's Guide to STOPPING SUICIDE ATTACKERS . I have had the privilege of learning these techniques from him first hand. Both of us include these techniques in our seminars.

There are techniques for armed personal and unarmed personal, for single defenders, and for teams of 2 or more defenders.

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