Teachers Self Defense Program

Teachers need self defense too!

Teachers self defense, years ago, was not an issue. Today it is.

More and more we can coming to the realization that teachers, and in fact, all school staff, need some self protection skills. Krav Maga addresses this issue. A teacher should have both verbal diffusion skills and physical self defense skills. A student may turn violent without an obvious cause; stress reaching a breaking point due to poor performance in exams, social rejection, perceived injustice or any number of causes.

As Krav Maga expert Itay Gil writes in "Stopping Suicide Attackers", "The person may not intend to harm you, but he or she may also not be in total control of themselves and as such have no inhibitions. Given the right rush of aggression and the addition of whatever weapon comes to hand, you might be facing someone who by all counts can be considered a suicide attacker."

Arthur Cohen has been pushing for years to get public school staff trained in self defense and personal safety. Unfortunately the powers that be are not yet convinced of this need.

The techniques we use in such situations are non-lethal. One of the most important aspects is learning to work as a team.