Krav Maga Reserves

Sometime in 2009 - 2010

Krav Maga Reserves

It is written in the Bible that our forefather Jacob was "A peaceful man, a dweller in tents" (Genesis, chapter 25, verse 27). The Hebrew word used for Jacob is "Tam", which has been translated as, "Innocent", "Simple" "Integrity" or "Peaceful". Clearly, he is not depicted as a man who enjoys violence, strife, combat and extreme sports. He fathered 12 children and probably enjoyed quiet evenings at home, (if that is possible with twelve kids and 4 wives!)

And yet we find that when Jacob needed to fight, he could. He wrestled with the Man of Esau (perhaps the Angel of Esau) and overcame him. The moves described sound very similar to modern day Judo or Jujitsu.

Israeli warrior

Throughout our history we find many men who fit this image, this idea. Men who would prefer to "Dwell in tents" but when necessary, they pick up the sword and go to fight.

This is similar to the modern Israeli reserve system. We cannot afford to have a large standing army; we are too small a population. Yet, being surrounded by enemies, from without and from within our borders, we need a large army. The brilliant solution is "Israel, a Nation of Warriors " (name of my book, by the way), a nation of Citizen-Warriors. We are a nation of tent dwellers; lawyers, accountants, rabbis and postal workers who when necessary become tank commanders, paratroopers and infantry commandoes. We just change hats, and uniforms, and boots. We are not looking for trouble, we are not seeking the fight; most of us are not full-time professional Spartan type warriors. We are peaceful people, Jacobs, who when necessary pick up the sword, or the M-16, and go to battle. Walk into any house of prayer, synagogues, and you will find top ranked military commanders, heroes of many encounters, fierce warriors. And yet, these are "Dwellers in tents.", peaceful men.

To have a Nation of Warriors, we must train, we must be prepared. For this reason we train in Krav Maga; we train in controlled aggressiveness, we train for fighting in confined spaces, on airlines and in every possible situation that might occur.

We pray for peace, we train for war.

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