Israel: A nation of warriors

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Israel, A Nation of Warriors

Nearly 400 pages, history of Israel as a fighting nation, the uniqueness of the Israeli fighting spirit.

We analyze what makes Israeli society unique, what is a nation of warriors and how is that manifested in modern society?

We look at the first Hebrew, Abraham, and follow his journey as a man of God but also as a man who can and will fight when he must. His Son Isaac and then Jacob, our first wrestler.

The blood of these men, their DNA, is still in us. From the deserts of the Middle East to the Warsaw Ghetto, from Arabia to America, our people have always fought for freedom, for what is good and right and just.

Join us for this incredible story.

Life in Israel....

From the book

I was just a child when I was introduced to international terrorism.

It was 1970. My aunt, uncle and infant cousin Tali came to visit us in Israel. As they boarded their TWA flight back to New York none of us could imagine the ordeal that was about to unfold. Just a few hours later we heard the news; the plane had been hijacked by Arab terrorists and taken to Jordan, fate unknown. My father was in the barbershop having a haircut when the news was broadcast on Radio Israel. The shock jolted him out of his seat causing him to cut his ear on the barber’s scissors.

Our mindset is to fight terror.

That day the terrorists attempted to hijack four planes, part of their struggle against the state of Israel. This was the beginning, the birth, of international terrorism, the curse that would come to plague Western society in years to come. The Western world had no training in this kind of warfare, no understanding of the terrorist mindset. The Israelis, however, were already veterans of this war.

 Three attempts succeeded, only one failed; the attempted hijacking of El Al Israel Airlines. Four terrorists boarded the El Al flight; two of them aroused the suspicions of the security staff and were refused entry. They then boarded Pan Am airline without any difficulty and hijacked it. The two remaining terrorists managed to board the El Al flight; the legendary female terrorist Laila Chaled and Patrick Argüello. The operation had been planned for a team of four and Arguello hesitated. Laila Chaled assured him that she had done this before and all would go smoothly. It did not. </p><p>

The terrorists stood up and pulled out handguns and hand grenades and announced that the flight was being taken over by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. What they had not counted on was resistance and Israeli stubbornness. The general international policy in those days was to cooperate with the hijackers and enter into negotiations, not to resist and endanger the passengers. The crew and passengers of El Al Israel Airline thought differently.

The pilot was no ordinary civilian. Uri Bar Lev was a former captain in the Israeli air force, he was a fighter and no terrorist was going to hijack his plane. Laila Chaled stood outside the cockpit with a pistol held to a stewardess’s head and a hand grenade in her other hand. She demanded that the pilot open the door at once. Captain Bar Lev refused to open the cockpit door; he would not be the first to blink. Instead, the former combat pilot sent the aircraft into a nose-dive, causing the same effect as an elevator collapsing. The sudden move knocked the hijackers down. Passengers attacked the terrorists. Later one of the Israelis said, “I made a decision that they were not going to hijack this plane. I decided to attack him rather than wait and see what happens. So I jumped him. I got shot in the shoulder.” The terrorist Argüello was hit over the head with a bottle of whiskey and then killed by his own gun in the struggle. Laila Chaled was tied up with neckties and belts provided by passengers. The pilot echoed the same fighting spirit, “I didn’t succeed because I was a better pilot. It was only because of my attitude that we were not going to be hijacked. Our mindset is to fight terror.”


Introduction – The Birth of International Terrorism

    Our mindset is to fight terror
    Israeli Attitude

Chapter 1 - A Warrior Nation Mindset
    A Warriors Response
    We Are All at War
    The Home as a Fortress
    Refusal to be a Victim
    Airline Security
    Protection of Human Life

Chapter 2  - A True People’s Army

    Biblical Origins
War in Gaza with Hamas; Nation of Warriors – Another Definition
    A People's Army from the Start
Compulsory Military Service
    Obligatory Reserve Duty
    The Universality of Service
    The Hesder Yeshiva; Scholars and Warriors
    Appreciation of Warriors
            Chayal – Soldier
    Mount Herzl, Jerusalem

1948  - Birth

1967 – Biblical Prophecy fulfilled

1973 – The Great Turnaround Victory

A Nation of Reservists

Chapter 3 - Secret Ingredient of Israeli Defense

Chapter 4 - Warriors from Childhood

Chapter 5 – Everyday Heroes

Chapter 6 - A Gun Packing Nation

Chapter 7 – Songs/Culture

Chapter 8 - Age of Trauma
Chapter 9 - From Pain to Productivity, From Darkness to Light

Chapter 10 – Business Mentality

Chapter 11 - A Family Affair

Chapter 12 - Warriors Make the Nation 

Chapter 13 - Warfare in Biblical Times

Chapter 14 – Post Biblical Fighting'Chapter 15 - Principles of Krav Maga/Israeli Self Defense

History of Krav Maga
    Intensity - Act forcefully and prevail
    Toughness – Body, Mind and Spirit of a Warrior
    Krav Maga/Warrior Fighting – The Mental Switch
             The belt test – testing desire to live
            The Belt Test – Make it Hard
    Preemptive Strikes
    Krav Maga Thinking
    Environmental Factors
    Gross Motor Moves
    Knowledge of Weapons
    Counting on the Group- All For One
    Counting on Yourself
    Non -Cooperation
    Fighting Fatigue
    Aggression as a Weapon
    Using What You Have
    Stay Focused
    No Pain
    Training based on Sociological Reality
    Training based on Physical Reality
    Military Krav Maga Training
    Krav Maga Striking Techniques
    Hostage Situations
    Never Give Up

Chapter 16 -America, a Nation of Warriors, Again
USA and Israel: Allies
America, a Nation of Warriors, Again

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Israel, A Nation of Warriors

The author, Moshe Katz, looking at Masada where the last showdown between the Roman and Jewish forces took place nearly 2,000 years ago.