krav maga on-lIne training and certification 

An excellent organisation with relevant up to date, easy to learn methods, and philosophies taught by a humble human being - a rarity in the martial arts. (Michael Kaui, New Zealand) 

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$18 monthly membership, automatic renewal, can be stopped at any time (by contacting Paypal)

Authentic Krav Maga

You can now learn authentic Krav Maga, directly from Israel, at home. Or supplement your current training with the latest innovations from Israel. All you need is a computer, or smartphone, a training partner, and a willing heart. IKI represents authentic Krav Maga directly from Israel at an affordable price.

Of course it is highly recommended that you also make efforts to train with IKI instructors in person, in particular with IKI Head Instructor Moshe Katz.

This can be done by

Attending his seminars abroad. 

Coming to Israel for Tour and Train

Inviting Moshe for a seminar in your country. 

Hi Moshe!

Thanks so much for these - the written and video materials is super helpful.

I trained this with my daughter on the weekend - we scaled it up significantly in aggression, speed....with a few variants - like slamming her into a wall etc. The step back/around and turning motion you articulate is so effective....the faster the attacker comes the better the motion works. My daughter had time to escape the choke and follow up with some combative blows faster than I could really adjust my grip to try to keep it on her throat.....all round a very good technique- I can see why you simplified from the 12 you had to learn for your Black belt  to this one.

Thanks again for the effort and time.

Ben Teefy

Instructors/School Owners

If you are an instructor or school owner - you can affiliate your school with our center in Israel and be connected with accredited Krav Maga schools worldwide.   

New Developments

As new developments take place in Israel, you will hear about them, see them, and receive all new training  methods directly to your home computer or smartphone. You will also receive informal, personal reports from Israel.

During the course of a year you will received hundreds of training clips via e mail. We believe that Krav Maga is dynamic; it evolves, it improves, it faces new challenges and new situations. And as it does - you are a part of this.

As new developments take place - you will be on the pulse of these changes, you will be kept up to date. 

Krav Maga Questions

If you have a question about a particular situation, if we have a clip on this topic we will send it to you, if now, we will film it for you and get it to you as soon as possible.  If it was not clear - we will film it again from another angle. Sometimes a question from a member will lead to a new defense move. There is no such thing as a stupid question.

Your membership entitles you to on going on-line  training, persona advice via phone or e mail, use of the IKI logo, and listing in the IKI directory, as well as other privileges (If you become an instructor, use of IKI diplomas, selling merchandise, endorsement of seminars, letters of reference).

On line training involves receiving training clips via your e mail. With these short clips, along with the DVD's , you will learn the latest techniques from Israel. Any questions you may have about the techniques will be answered quickly. When you are ready you can send us clips of yourself for comment, review, testing/grading/ranking.

NOTE: All IKI training clips are copyright and property of IKI. These vides clips are sent to you for your personal training but remain copyright of IKI just as a book your purchase remains copyright of the author and the music on an album remains copyright of the musicians. Transfer of these clips to others, posting them on websites, or on YouTube is expressly forbidden unless you have written consent from Moshe Katz. This will be enforced to the full extent of the law.

NOTE: IKI members are not permitted to offer their own Krav Maga on line programs without express written consent from Moshe Katz. All such programs must be reviewed carefully to ensure that they do not contradict or compete with the IKI program. 

 IKI Philosophy:

We try to eliminate any risky moves or unnecessary steps.  

Every extra move is one more chance for technique failure, and risking your life.

Every extra move is one more opportunity for your opponent to kill you. We  take this very seriously.  

Every technique is tested with resistance, not some, not most, but all. Of course in most of our training clips we do the techniques slowly as these clips are designed to teach, not to impress. The techniques work with resistance but sometimes look a little messy. To make learning easier we first teach them slowly so you can see the actual technique, step by step. 

Every technique is tested on the biggest/largest/strongest men we can find. Every technique is tested on multiple opponents by multiple defenders. A grandmaster being able to do a technique is not enough, the least able person must also be able to do it.  Every question you send us in answer, no matter how uncommon the situation might be.

I do not know of any other Krav Maga association that provides such a service.

My personal experience includes decades of training in Krav Maga, Karate, Kickboxing, Judo , Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu, Kung Fu, various ground righting systems, and police work. I have closely with Israeli military and counter terrorist experts for years. I have worked with police, military doormen/bouncers, bounty hunters, airport security, VIP guards, nurses and teachers. From all I have learned. Their experience is incorporated into our techniques.

We work hard because people's lives depend upon it. 

More about On Line Training 

On Line Training Benefits

IKI Krav Maga Curriculum Requirements

Termination of Membership

Membership in IKI is subject to termination if the guidelines of IKI have been violated.  This includes: forwarding IKI clips to non-members without permission, introducing a private Krav Online program without permission, publicly damaging IKI in any way. In such cases, of if the member chooses to terminate his/her membership early for any reason, there is no refund or compensation.

If a member becomes an instructor with a competing organization, they forfeit their IKI membership at once with no refund and no legal recourse.

If a member declares himself a "grand master" and "founds" his own system of combat, he forfeits his IKI membership at once with no refund. 


The actual online testing is done by sending us video clips of yourself, a few at a time, either as an attachment to an e mail or as a private YouTube video, i.e. one that only you and I can see, not open to the public. You can also send in a disc, but this takes longer. 

But before you send anything in, please read the following;

Testing and Passing the On Line ranking

Questions about Membership


Dear IKI Team

I'm interested the on-line training. I see that you offer a one year membership. I am always cautious when I buy something on line. So when I pay a one year membership I don't really know what I get and if it is worth it. So what I would l like to ask you, if its possible to buy a one month membership for testing or for you to send me some sample clips. Sorry for my suspicion but you know too there are a lot of people on the internet who just want money and you don't' what you expect. I have no problem to pay for a good product and service. Thanks for your understanding.

Greetings from Switzerland, 

Mr. R. 


Hello R. 

No problem. 

First, we do have a monthly payment option. You can sign up and cancel whenever you want. All membership involve automatic renewal but at anytime you can go into your PayPal account and cancel the auto-renewal for the upcoming periods (but not for the past).

You can also purchase an IKI DVD and see what we are all about. WE do not send out sample videos just as restaurant do no offer sample meals.  With a DVD or a one month membership you can get a very clear idea of what we offer. Your investment and risk are minimal and the potential benefit is of immense value. Now, allow me to state what I already explained on the website.

If you are an instructor, school owner - there is a whole set of benefits, the most important of which is the great style you will be teaching, but even if for the individual, the student, the Non-school owner, there are great benefits. 

What you get is as follows:

Clips - I send out about 250 video lessons per year. These are short clips covering every aspect of self defense. When you join it is like joining in the middle of an ongoing conversation. We might be on the topic of knife defense, or gun defense, but in time you will see the entire picture, the entire gamut of IKI self-defense, and it will all make sense and become simple. If you purchase the Deluxe package or the Super Deluxe package, you will receive many DVDs (as a disc, or Disc on Key Flash drive). These are the best deal because the DVDs will catch you up on the "conversation" and help you understand the daily video clips much better.

This is the most up to date Krav Maga program in the world.

But there is more...

Personal - This is not an automated program. You will not have a machine send you clips. I personally send out all the clips, a real person, not a computer program. 

More Personal - Each member has the privilege of asking for specific techniques. You want defense for an attack while you are opening your front door, your car, while walking your child? Just ask for it. If we have it - we will send it to you, if we do not have it - we will film it for you. Yes, we make a new video clips upon your request. 

Evaluation - Each member can send us video clips of themselves performing the techniques, we do charge for testing, but not for evaluation. So you can film yourself and send it to us and we will let you know how you are doing and where you need to improve.

Even More Personal - You can write to us and we respond. Whatever questions or concerns you may have there is someone here who will answer you personally. You will never meet a bureaucratic wall.

Our instructors are all listed on the website, you are free to contact any one of them and ask about us. All is open and transparent. We have instructors in more than forty countries. They are listed openly and each will confirm who we are and what we stand for.

We are the real deal.

first year membership - standard $360

First Year Standard Membership/Affiliation in IKI 

This includes shipping, packaging and PayPal fees. 

deluxe first year membership 

This package deal includes first year members plus 6 IKI DVDs (one hour each). This way you will have all the background information to speed up the learn process and you quickly up to date. These DVDs will give you a solid foundation and make it easier to understand the daily videos you will receive. 

$420 This includes shipping, packaging and PayPal fees. 

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

super deluxe first year membership

First year membership, Daily video clips plus  9 DVDs and 2 IKI Shirts. 
 $485 This includes shipping, packaging and PayPal fees. 

yearly renewals

Second year renewal $270.

This includes shipping, packaging and PayPal fees.

Third year renewal $195 

This includes shipping, packaging and PayPal fees.

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Renew for Two Years 

Double year renewal, extend your membership for two year, $390

Only Applicable after Third year membership.

$18 monthly special  (after 2 years, requires special approval) 

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically after each month. You are free to cancel at the end of each month.

belt/rank test 

Yellow Belt $40

Orange Belt $45

Green Belt $60

Blue Belt $60

Brown Belt $80


First dan Black Belt exam is $280 plus shipping 

Krav Maga Black Belt Second Dan exam is $360

Krav Maga Black Belt Third dan is $500

Kickboxing Black Belt $160

instructor exams

Apprentice Instructor level exam $160

Assistant Instructor level exam $180

Associate Instructor level exam $200

IKI T shirt - Please see our Krav Shop

School T Shirts

We can print custom made IKI Krav Maga T shirts with your school name and information (3 lines) on the back. No extra charge. Discount for volume. Minimum 20  T Shirts.

Instructor T Shirts  

Available in English or Hebrew, no extra charge. You must be a certified IKI instructor to order these.   

See Krav Maga Shop for these and many more Krav Maga items. 

testimonials for on-line training 

Moshe, thanks for the clips. I really am enjoying the clips. The practicality is fantastic.

IKI is the best. No other organization can come close to what you provide. IKI is not only the best system of Krav Mag but the support you provide is in credible and you are a true mentor. I will always be a part of IKI and an eternal students of yours. 

Keep up all that you do. It is very much appreciated. 

George Hutchings, Toronto, Canada

Hi Moshe, Hope you are well.

I have only been a member of IKI for a few months but I am very please to be a part of your organization. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the video training clips. I have no pedigree, no belts or certifications but I have been in a few street fights and they are never pretty. They are as you said Down and Dirty. Your clips reflect that. The student learns much more from these clips than from a choreographed video where the instructor never gets dirty.

My grandfather and my father were "gypsy" electrical linemen, always traveling and not always to the best of places. That is how I grew up and I was also a traveling lineman for several years. It is a rough group of people to live and work with. Given the harsh work environment and the mix of personalities confrontation was inevitable at times. Often a few harsh words, a punch or a little wrestling and it was over. But sometimes, depending on the person, it could get very ugly. No dojo prepared you for that. IKI training does prepare you for real life. Thank you for the that.

Side note: I worked out with a Systema guy the other day. I had gone for a walk wearing one of my IKI tee shirts and ran into him wearing a Systema shirt. We talked a little and met later to compare techniques.  While he was skeptical at first, he was very impressed by the "aggressive defense "of Israeli Krav. I did my best to represent well and stayed within the techniques I have practiced.

Thanks again Moshe. And thank you for taking the time to read these messages.

JD Pearson USA

Hello Moshe,

I ordered 2 new DVDs from you. I always are very happy when I get your newsletter with the new techniques. In fact very good stuff for everyone.
It was a very good decision to join your online training program. 

I wish you happy, quiet and peaceful festive days.

Best regards from Switzerland. 


Hello! Thank you very much for the clips, they are very useful and easy to understand. It's interesting how sometimes we try very complicated techniques, thinking that they are more effective, and now that I see these videos, I can see that the simplest  remains the best (or it is maybe because you make it look easy!) 

Phil Holmes, Western Australia 

Moshe, your system works and keeps us up to date. Every penny that I've spent has been well worth it. I love the constant upgrades and learning new stuff. I would never have received that from the Krav organization I used to belong to. 

Alberto Labra, Mexico  

I was talking to a guy from a different Krav Maga organization. He asked me 'How are things going with IKI?' I told him 'It's great. I had a problem with a gun technique so I sent Moshe a picture of the problem and later that night he spends me a video on how to do the proper technique. The guy from the other organization said 'Wow! I WISH I could do that, there are so many questions that I would like to ask the head instructor but I have no way of getting a hold of him. 'He said 'do you think XYZ would ever respond to me like that! 'He laughed. 

Gabriel Slaybaugh, Police officer, SWAT Team leader, USA 

I am fairly new to IKI, but I wish I would have discovered this technique years ago. I have had numerous previous years of various martial arts training, yet none I have seen or done is as practical as IKI Krav Maga. Martial arts training can be costly and often utilized by great salesmen to sell self sacrifice defense instead of self defense. This is not the case with IKI. Moshe as compared to other instructors I have researched has the lowest fees for authentic training. His skill and knowledge are worth triple what he charges!!! Finally an instructor whose techniques are the most practical to survival without gouging your wallet!!!! This can only be the practice of someone who is truly passionate about his work and has a genuine desire to better the world around him. 

Tonya Ben Mansour, Mobile, Alabama, USA


In fact, it always astounds us how, when we make just the minor adjustments you point out, the technique becomes so much more effective.


John Licata

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