Krav Maga Seminars USA

I was born in the USA, Cleveland, Ohio, to be exact, and I love returning to teach Krav Maga seminars and classes across the USA. I teach mostly on college campuses but also at martial arts schools and community centers. Our Krav Maga USA program is all about giving you the experience we have gained in Israel.

Students in New York City training in gun disarms, Krav Maga seminar.

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Some past seminars

My Krav Maga seminars have taken me all over the USA and Canada, where I have had the privilege of training thousands of college students, police officers, corrections officers, prison guards, army, air force, ROTC, men, women and children of all ages.

We have trained in gun disarms, knife defense , and all forms of self defense and safety awareness.

Past seminars Champagin, Illinois Seminar at University of Maryland, 2007