IKI Krav Maga Instructors Brazil

Giovani Gnadt Borghetti

IKI Instructor, certified, May 2015

Moshe Katz and Giovani Borghetti in Brazil

5º Dan Taekwondo (Kukkiwon No.05131360 / Chang Moo Kwan No.846)

3rd Class Taekwondo Master Kukkiwon (No. 3628016)

4º Dan Tangsoodo (IMA No. 23761)

“2º Dan” Haedong Kumdo (UWH No.1118)

12º Kang de Muaythai

Instrutor de Combate com Facas

Instrutor de Krav Maga (representante oficial da IKI no Brasil)

Fundador do IMMMA (Ibam Method of Mixed Martial Arts)

Consultor em Defesa Pessoal e personal trainer

4º Dan Hapkido Um Yang Kwan (Kido no. 4982)

6º Kyu de Judo

Official Brazilian Army - Infantry Weapon

Site: www.ibamrs.com.br

e-mail: ibam@ibamrs.com.br

Fone: 55-54-3028-9333

Cel fone: 55-54-9124-2844

Skype: Mestre Borghetti Giovani

FaceTime: mestreborga2@me.com



Rua Vereador Mario Pezzi, 458 – 2º andar – Nossa Senhora de Lourdes – Caxias do Sul – RS – Brasil – cep 95084-180

Country: Brasil

Carolina Mazzotti, Apprentice Instructor, November 2016

João Paulo Mazzotti, Apprentice Instructor, November 2016

Emerson Bohnenberger De Oliveira, Apprentice Instructor, November 2016

Orestes Betran, Apprentice Instructor, June 2017

Orestas joins our team with a lifetime of martial arts training and experience. As a professional martial artist with a great deal of first hand experience with crime, Orestas is a natural at Krav Maga.

I started practicing mixed martial arts in 2001 with boxe and kickboxing and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). I have boxe, kickboxing, muay thai and MMA matches in my curriculum. Currently I work as a fight coach and I also do some professional MMA fights.

Orestes betran mma

Defesa pessoal 

Rua. Tremenbes 874


+5543 98406-0266