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First Year Membership - Standard $350

First year  standard membership in IKI is $350. (plus shipping and handling)

Deluxe First Year Membership

This package deal includes first year membership plus 4 IKI DVDs. This way you will have all the background information to speed up the learning process and get you quickly up to date.

$400 plus shipping and packaging.

Super Deluxe First Year Membership  $450

First year membership, 6 DVDs and IKI T shirt.  $450

Yearly Renewals

Second year renewal $250.

Third Year Renewal $190 

Fourth Year Renewal $175

5th year Renewal $165.

6th Year Renewal  $155

7th Year Renewal and onward  $150

Student Special $200

Renew for Two Years and Save!

Double year renewal, extend your membership for two years, $270

Only applicable after third year membership.

Your loyalty is being rewarded.

Renew for Three Years and Save!

Triple year renewal, extend your membership for three years, $400

Only applicable after third year membership.

Krav Maga Belt/Rank Test

Colored belts

Yellow Belt $35

Orange Belt $40

Green Belt $50

Blue Belt $60

Brown Belt $80


Contact me for full details as to the requirements for each Black Belt level. These are serious tests.

First dan black belt exam is $280. plus shipping.

Second, dan black belt exam is $350. plus shipping.

Third dan black belt exam is $500 plus shipping.

Kickboxing Belt/Rank Test

Kickboxing student ranks, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, $35


Brown Belt $50

Kick Boxing Black Belt $160

Kickboxing Instructor Certification. Only one instructor rank.



Apprentice Instructor level certification is $160.

(formerly known as Phase One)

Assistant instructor certification $180

 Associate Instructor $200

Full Instructor, $250

For Instructor Only - IKI Diplomas

Test your students and issue them IKI diplomas,

$10 each.

IKI T Shirt

We have an extensive line of Krav Maga T shirts and clothing,

Please see our Krav Maga Shop

School T-Shirts

Have an IKI Krav Maga T shirt with your school name and phone number on the back. No extra charge. Discount for volume. Minimum ten shirts.


Available in English or Hebrew, no extra charge.

Payment Methods

For those who are in countries where Paypal is not an option, you can use Western Union. Contact IKI for details.

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