So You Want to Be an IKI Krav Maga Instructor?


Please Note: IKI does not offer "rank recognition" 

There are associations that, for a fee, will award you a new rank from their organization equal to the rank you already possess, or higher. IKI does not do this. If you are a 10th dan black belt in some other style you will still join IKI with no rank. If your previous training has value then it will help you progress rapidly with IKI. Please do not waste our time by making such a request.

Our instructor grading system is as follows:
Apprentice Instructor
Assistant Instructor
Associate Instructer
Full instructor. (There is no rank skipping)

We issue the Apprentice Instructor certification which entitles the instructor to use IKI student rank certificates (see fee below) and IKI gear and to promote his/her affiliation to IKI. With the rank of Apprentice Instructor (Known in the past as Phase One), one can teach IKI Krav Maga.

To qualify for Apprentice Instructor , one should have a solid command of IKI gun and knife disarms, these are very different from other styles of Krav Maga. One cannot call themselves an IKI instructor while teaching gun and knife disarms that we consider dangerous.

To qualify for Apprentice Instructor we will teach the instructor the basics through DVDs, clips and in person seminars/Tour and Train.

How long can you expect this process to take?

Apprentice Instructor How Long?

Steps to becoming an IKI Instructor

What Am I Looking for in an Instructor Test?

How Long is Your Rank Valid?

Instructor ranks are valid only as long as you are an active, current IKI member. Instructors who leave IKI, or are dismissed from IKI, will no longer be listed on our instructors page, will no longer receive our video training clips, and will no longer be able to use the IKI logo or advertise themselves as IKI certified instructors.

If we receive inquires about such instructors we only say that in the past they were members but currently we cannot vouch for them. We require that our instructors stay up to date. Our techniques evolve frequently as we also seek better methods.

As IKI instructors you are not free to "found" your own system of Krav Maga or self-defense and operate within the IKI framework. Failure to give IKI credit is cause for dismissal from IKI and immediate loss of privileges, even if one is fully paid up.

The rank and status are only valid as long as you are an active and approved member.

IKI members are not free to offer "Instructor certification" courses. You can appoint members of your team as your own assistant instructors within your own school/dojo/club without IKI rank, but you cannot run a "become a certified instructor under my new system" course.

IKI Logo

We request that you display the IKI logo in your school and on your website. Be proud to be part of IKI. Let your students know you are teaching IKI Krav Maga.

Testing your Students

Once you have achieved the rank of Apprentice Instructor you can begin testing students using IKI diplomas.

Each instructor rank is allowed to test up to a certain belt rank. (contact me for details).

The procedure is as follows: the instructor purchases diplomas from IKI for $10 each and is expected to charge his students $35 for yellow and increasing as listed on the membership page. (or see below, further down on this page).

Thus if you have many students; both you and IKI profit. If you have few: you do not incur heavy expenses for testing. If you are not making money, neither will we.

IKI Krav Maga Curriculum Requirement

Assistant instructors have at least 1 yr-2 yr of practice in IKI and agree to host a seminar so that their students can feel a part of IKI. If hosting a seminar is not possible we shall explore other options.

Apprentice Instructor certification means affiliates are trusted to accurately teach IKI techniques at their school.

To What Rank Can You Test Your Students?

How High can you test your students?

Apprentice Instructor - Can test students for Yellow and Orange belt

Assistant Instructor - Can test Yellow, Orange, Green.

Associate Instructor - Can test Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Advanced Blue.

For Brown and Black Belt you must test in conjunction with the IKI Head Office.


Becoming an IKI instructor – Making the Transition

Instructor certification program IKI

IKI Ranking System

Read more about Ranks in Krav Maga

Rules from the Board of Directors

"Interested instructors will be glad to wait. Guys just looking for the next credential can take a hike. Don't allow someone to offer money to buy rank. Maintain integrity in your organization and you will build a strong foundation for years to come." (from the board of IKI)

Rules for Instructors

The IKI Logo is for the benefit of all IKI instructors but there are some rules we need to make clear.

You May

Print banners and business card with IKI logo

Print stationary with the IKI logo.

Print invoices with IKI logo.

Use the IKI logo for your website

Use the IKI logo for advertisement.

Use the IKI on your school/signs, billboards.

You may use the IKI logo on student attendance certificates when Moshe Katz is invited to teach a seminar.

You may print special items for Moshe Katz's seminars, please consult with us first.

You May NOT

Print T shirts or other merchandise using the IKI logo unless you have arranged this with IKI Administration – Head office. (for a fee)

Print diplomas or any rank certificates using the IKI logo.

Issue any rank without the approval of Moshe Katz. (each instructor level is entitled to promote up to a certain level).

Memberships Rights and Limitations

The video clips you receive may be shown to students but cannot be transferred in any format to any other individuals. Membership is individual. In other words, if you are president of an association and you join IKI this does not mean that automatically all your students and staff are members of IKI or that their current ranks are automatically recognized by IKI; they are not. IKI is unique and students must test for IKI ranks.

Termination of Membership:

Membership in IKI is subject to termination if the guidelines of IKI have been violated. This includes; forwarding IKI clips to non-members without permission, introducing a private Krav On Line program without permission, publicly damaging IKI in any way. In any such cases, or if the member chooses to terminate his/her membership early for any reason, there will no refund.

If a member becomes an instructor with a competing organization they forfeit their IKI membership at once with no refund.

If a member declares himself a "grand master" and "founds" his own system of combat, he forfeits his IKI membership at once with no refund.

If a member causes deliberate financial damage to IKI we reserve to right to revoke membership.

In all of the above cases instructor status is revoked and the individual is removed from the IKI website and will not be recognized or supported.

We do not permit advertising or promotion of seminars by non IKI Krav Maga instructors under the IKI banner. (i.e. Krav Maga instructors from other systems. This does not apply to seminars of other arts such as Kung Fu, Karate, Judo etc.) This is cause for termination of membership without refund.

IKI Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

Before joining, you need to ask Are You Right for IKI

IKI Membership/On-Line Training

IKI represents authentic Krav Maga direct from Israel at an affordable price.

Your membership entitles you to on going on-line training, personal advice via e mail, use of the IKI logos, and listing in the IKI directory, as well as other privileges (use of IKI diplomas, selling merchandise, endorsement of seminars, letters of reference)

On line training involves receiving training clips via your e mail. With these short clips, along with the DVD's you will learn the latest techniques from Israel. Any questions you may have about the techniques will be answered quickly. When you are ready you can send us clips of yourself for comment and review or for rank testing.

Note: IKI members are NOT free to offer their own Krav Maga on line training programs. Any such ideas or programs must be discussed with IKI and express written permission is required.

Membership Dues

First Year Membership Options

First Year Membership - Standard

First year  standard membership in IKI (Including shipping and handling) is $360.

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate for each year. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Deluxe First Year Membership

This package deal includes first year membership plus 3 IKI DVDs. This way you will have all the background information to speed up the learning process and get you quickly up to date.

$410 includes shipping and packaging.

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate for each year. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Super Deluxe First Year Membership

First year membership, 5 DVDs and IKI T shirt. includes shipping and packaging.   $470

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate for each year. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Yearly Membership Renewals

Second year renewal $260.

Includes shipping and handling.

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically at a lower rate for each year. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Third Year Renewal and onward $190

Note: This is a subscription which renews automatically. You are free to cancel at the end of each year.

Renew for Two Years

Double year renewal, extend your membership for two years, $320

Only applicable after third year membership.

Instructor Level Exam

Instructor Test  - Apprentice Instructor $160
(plus shipping)

Assistant Instructor  $180 
(plus shipping)

Associate Instructor $200

Full Instructor  $300

IKI T shirt from size 6 to 5XL Please see IKI Shop.

The instructor must also buy the DVD's and practice and teach Krav Maga.

IKI Krav Maga DVDs

Head Instructor Moshe Katz can test the students when visiting.

Belt Tests Krav Maga

Yellow Belt $35

Orange Belt $40

Green Belt $50

Blue Belt $60

Brown Belt Krav Maga Test $80

IKI Krav Maga Black Belt First dan $280

IKI Krav Maga Black Belt Second dan $350

IKI Krav Maga Black Belt Third dan $500

Kick Boxing Ranks

IKI/Mountain Spirit Warrior Israel also offers testing and ranking in Kickboxing.

Belt ranks from Yellow through Blue are $35, Brown is $50 and black belt is $150.


Submit a tape/DVD or yourself performing and teaching all the techniques of Kickboxing and a variety of training drills.

Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue Belts, $35 each.

Yellow - Basic knowledge of kicks and punches. Front kick, round kick, knee, elbow, side kick. Jab, cross, hook.
Orange - Some combinations, light sparring, understanding distance, movement.
Green - Powerful low kick, side kick from various angles, a little harder sparring
Blue - combinations as shown on the Combatives DVD, entry, closing the gap, combinations of punching and kicking combos
Brown - add the front leg push kick, front low kick, front middle kick , front high kick, inside low kick.
Black - all of the above,...just more and better, applications, sparring.


Brown Belt test $50

Kick Boxing Black Belt Testing fee: $150


see DVD page.

Krav Maga Diplomas

Our authentic Krav Maga diplomas were designed by Itay Gil and Moshe Katz with logo by Arie Katz. They reflect the spirit of Israel; ancient and modern.

Krav Maga Diplomas

For IKI Instructors only

Rank Certificates, signed, $10 each

How do be an effective Martial Arts Instructor

Belt Ranks

For those wishing to "move up the ranks" via the colored belt system. You can be tested by one of our instructors in person or by sending in a video of yourself. (contact info below)

Reality based belt test

Colored Belt Requirements

Krav Maga Yellow Belt

Krav Maga Orange Belt

Krav Maga Green Belt

Krav Maga Blue Belt

Krav Maga Brown Belt .

Black Belt

To get started with your training, achieve certification, or any questions at all. Please Contact Moshe

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