IKI Krav Maga Instructors Germany

Jürgen Köhler , Konigsbach

Jurgen is one the top instructors in Europe and has been recognized over the years by many martial arts associations. I have known him and trained with him since 2010. He attends and hosts as many seminars as possible with me all over the world. In 2015 he led a delegation of German students to Israel for our Tour and Train program.

In June 2017 Jürgen was promoted to Full instructor in IKI Krav Maga.


6th degree Blackbelt Taekwon-Do

3rd degree Blackbelt Hapkido

2nd degree Blackbelt Anti Terror Streetfight

Tonfa/MES - Instructor

Police Button / Telescopic-Button Instructor


Medail of Honor and Respect ( by Dr. Denis Hannover / Israel) Top-Instructor Award 2009

Mr. Martial Arts 2009 Kategorie "spectaculaer Braking"

two Times Inducted in International Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Juergen teaching group in Germany

Jurgen Kohler website

Juergan Krav Site

Nadine Bott, Assistant Instructor

9 Years Krav Maga experience

  • Krav Maga / IKI  since 2010
  • Taekwon-Do Blue Belt
  • Anti Terror Street-fight orange Belt

Stephan Schuetter, Heidelberg

Big, powerful, quiet and with a little boy's smile Stephan is quite a martial artist. He has come to Israel on three Tour and Train sessions plus he has attended seminars with Moshe Katz in Switzerland and three seminars in Holland, including a five day training camp.

In Israel he was promoted to Assistant Instructor (Level 2).

Holland, April 2017 promoted to Associate Instructor (Level 3) and Black Belt.

October 2017 - Promoted to second dan black belt

Stephan works in the private security field and travels the world protecting key figures. He is in charge of training for his company.

Stephan, wearing blue shirt, on the right, holding a Tavor Israeli rifle

Lars Gerhard Kuehn

Apprentice Instructor

Hubert Amann

Assistant Instructor

Sven Schneider 

Assistant Instructor

Sven comes to IKI with a solid background in martial arts including ranks in Kanjukenbo and Wing Chun.

Ralph Kühner, Worms

Apprentice Instructor

We are greatly honored not only to have such an experienced instructor join us but also to have the IKI flag in the historic city of Worms. Perhaps no city in all of Europe was as important to the Jewish people as worms.

Sebastian Kellner

Assistant Instructor

Address: Prof.- Wagenfeld - Ring 9

2000: beginning of sports career

2003-2005: German league titles and a runner-up title

2006: 1 Dan examination Tae Kuk Mu Sul Hapkido / counterterrorism Street Fight
at the MAA

2007: 1 Dan examination in Kung FU

2012: Shot Sword Of Freedom

2013: Hall of Honour / Hall of Fame

2014: Hall of Honour

2014: Basic Instructor on the MAA

2015: 2 Dan examination in Kung Fu

2015: Inclusion in the IKI association and Apprentice Instructor

Andy Beck

Assistant Instructor

René Bauer, Apprentice Instructor

Joram Wemyss, Apprentice Instructor

Michael Kruse, Apprentice Instructor

Markus Schmidt, Apprentice Institutor

Diana Arndt, Apprentice Instructor