Kickboxing Certification Israel

IKI offers testing and ranking in Kickboxing.

Belt ranks from Yellow through Blue are $35, Brown is $50 and black belt is $160.


Submit a tape/DVD or yourself performing and teaching all the techniques of Kickboxing and a variety of training drills.

Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue Belts, $35 each.

Yellow - Basic knowledge of kicks and punches. Front kick, round kick, knee, elbow, side kick. Jab, cross, hook.
Orange - Some combinations, light sparring, understanding distance, movement.
Green - Powerful low kick, side kick from various angles, a little harder sparring
Blue - combinations as shown on the Combatives DVD, entry, closing the gap, combinations of punching and kicking combos
Brown - add the front leg push kick, front low kick, front middle kick , front high kick, inside low kick.
Black - all of the above,...just more and better, applications, sparring.


Brown Belt $55

Kick Boxing Black Belt, Testing fee: $160