Blue Belt Krav Maga Rank Requirements

All techniques from previous belts but more fluid.

Weapon Defense

Gun - Pistola - arme de poing - arme de poing -אקדח - mano pistola - handpistool

Gun to side of Head, (8 possibilities) (hand on the "inside" or "outside", attacker using near hand or far hand.

Gun to the front of the head: 3 distances  (as shown in the DVD Gun Defense Vol One)

Gun to the stomach

Gun pointed at chest

Gun pointed to the ribs

Gun held close to the body (DVD: Gun Defense Vol Two)

Knife Defense

Knife Attack - Mes aanvallen - Messerangriffe - атаки ножом - התקפת סכין - Attacco di coltello - Couteau d'attaque - Cuchillo ataque

Defend vs. two attackers, backhand knife attack, basic knife vs. knife.

Slash as shown in the DVD "Defeat Hamas"

Defense vs. Stick,


Ground techniques: wide range of control techniques, fighting from the ground, leg take-downs.